What do you do when this happens?


What do you do when this happens?..

As a seller have you ever had someone order your gig…(and lets say your gig was a service of some nature in which you helped them in some way)… BUT you personally found it goes against what you believe in or your own personal values. E.g. some kind of content or topic which is dodgy/taboo/not family friendly.

What would you do?

Would Fiverr support understand if you messaged them and if they didn’t then what?

I’m sure some of you can think of options and possibilities I could take that are outside the square that’s why I’m putting it out there. But no I will not point out exactly what it is here in this thread.


I would just be honest and say I was unable to complete the requested gig and ask to mutually cancel to get their money back and wish them all the best. I would not get into what you believe is right and against your values and so forth, just simply say politely that you are unable to complete their gig. Some sellers also have things like this listed in their gig description eg “I won’t do this or this or this.”


I’d cancel, and I’d do what alys suggests too, so that in future you can direct buyers to the section of your gig description that says what you won’t do.


It happened several times in the past and I always offered a mutual cancellation explaining that I couldn’t complete the gig for “put your reasons here”.

As a developer I was asked to code cracks or some other kind of illegal gigs (phishing, fake tools) and, considering this goes against my moral or simply against what I want to do, I kindly refused and never had a single problem with it.



just cancel and say thank you for ordering but unfortunately I can not fulfill your request because “this & that”. Then (after cancellation is done) edit your gig description and make a visible note that you won’t do “this & that” :slight_smile:


Totally agree with all above. I would only get into moral/ethical explanations if they push back. Depending on the situation I believe Fiverr would have your back.

In one scenario that happened to me, I had a buyer ask for my VO service requesting if I did an impression of some popular cartoon character. I said I did. He proceeded to order my gig, and in the info for the gig he sent me a link to a…lets just say it was not family friendly. Manson Family friendly…maybe. It was frightening on many levels.

I explained I couldn’t do it and requested to cancel the gig. He asked why, and instead of going into why doing a VO for a video featuring cannibalism mixed with bikini babes wasn’t on my career bucket list, I just used the Fiverr TOS. It was adult material. You can’t send that to other here on Fiverr nor links to sites that feature it. He understood after I explained…thankfully. I didn’t want to have to get into that conversation with him…yikes.


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Thank everyone, I got it cancelled and handled well.

I appreciate all your input.

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