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What do you do when you are exhausted?

Many of you who know me here know how hard I work. I’ve been feeling very tired lately and realized I wasn’t enjoying my work as much as I used to. So I took a long vacation and raised my delivery time to 18 days for my main Gig. For sure this will mean that I will go down in the search results and get fewer orders, but will give me a chance to catch up on other things in life such as exercising, going to the gym, going to the movies, shopping and other simple pleasures of life. I have worked non-stop for 2 years, so I think this is a good move, even though I will make less money. Money is not everything, I feel. What do you think?

Hmm. What do I do when I am exhausted?

I sleep. :wink:


Better to put your gig on vacation mode for a week or 2 and go on an actual vacation if you are feeling exhausted or you may want to try limit the orders in queue feature.

Hi, yeah, I’ve wanted to take a real vacation for a while now.

I forgot how it feels to be exhausted. I am semi-retired now at my 30s (I worked hard for more than 10 years to make money). Now if I do something it is just so I have something to do (and I am a housewife anyway now), not for the money. I am not mega rich whatsoever, I have enough savings and I don´t even have to support myself. It is good to have a vacation. You should try that and see that in life there are other fun things to do rather than just working your butt off on Fiverr. Honestly though, I am impressed by your dedication on writing and making money here even when you don´t have to support anyone. I can never have such attitude. PS: I think when I am exhausted I will sleep, just like other people. I also like travelling and sleep in different cities/villages/countries.

Yeah, I would love to travel some day!

If I was you I would just hop on a plane somewhere nice and out of the way for a few weeks. I’m thinking about a month or two in Morocco in September or October. That said, even if I take time off, you can guarantee that I have my laptop under arm and will bang a few orders out throughout the day. In this case, since (I think) you make all your income on Fiverr, why not just head on up to Nepal or something for a few weeks and work along the way?

Of course, I’m making some pretty big assumptions about how much disposable income you might have to burn but a change of scenery and meeting new and interesting people can work wonders. The big thing is to not take time off and just lounge about your house or apartment. If you do this, however long you take off will pass in an instant and you probably won’t end up feeling refreshed at all.

Lastly, a lot of people get put off travel and things due to the associated expense of accommodation and everything. However, if you stick to using things like backpacker hostels you should be fine. In fact, if I do go to Morocco later in the year I’ll be spending a maximum of $20 per day with accommodation included. (Probably quite a bit less actually as I am very frugal).

I’ve just started feeling like giving up.

That’s really great advice…looks like you’ve got it all figured out.

Well, not really. My family and a lot of my peers are actually appalled by the way I live. They can’t understand why I gave up everything to live hundreds of miles away earning crumbs compared to what I used to.

The only problem is that the idea of ever going back to anything like my old UK life is hellish for me. I much prefer living as simply and as cheaply as possible and taking life day by day.

I would like a pool one day though… And a yacht… And maybe my own zoo :slight_smile:

Hi, no reason to give up after one month. It took me over a year to get going.

When I’m exhausted I take a hot bath with some essential oils in it, and then go to a movie or restaurant.

That’s why I said you’ve got it all figured out…

Well, the downside is that where I live it’s next to impossible to actually meet people and form meaningful friendships. The locals are nice to your face but don’t really like foreigners and the expat community is largely made up of pretentious old English people and young brainless idiots who come over here to work as waiters and drink their money away every evening.

In this case, my perfect world would be one where I could pick up the phone and arrange to go for a drink or a day out with a few mates from home every now and again but this isn’t possible.

That’s the curse of relocating and distancing yourself from your home place in the name of an easier life and a wee bit adventure. Also, I adopted a dog over here who is amazing but because of him, I’m now very restricted when it comes to things like holidays and moving etc.

Either way, you just have to focus on making your own happiness and deciding what you actually want out of life. Also, I’m a bit of a forward planning nut and I think that helps.

Well only if you want and feel like doing it. I understand not everyone likes travelling. Everything is either we like it or not (food, hobbies, jobs, etc) :slight_smile:

It will be a new experience for me…there’s so much of India I haven’t seen…so travelling does not mean going abroad…I can just visit various places in India. India is a very large country and really I have hardly been outside my city of Bangalore.

What do I do when I am tired, i meet up with my old friends

Yes, that´s true :slight_smile:

For the past 7-8 years, I’ve been working 6 days a week at the office.
Nobody forced me to do this, it was simply my choice.
Then Fiverr came along, and that one day where I didn’t go to the office,
I used it to work on Fiverr.
I did have enough time to hang out with my friends of course since I don’t get
bombarded with gigs all the time. This was OK with me, but recently it just hit me and I
realized that I was in fact starting to feel tired.
From last month, I decided to work 5 days a week like a normal person, and the 2 days off
I made sure NOT to do anything that was work related, including Fiverr.
I did of course check/respond to messages, but other than that, I did no work.

I just stayed at home and relaxed, watched movies, went to museums, had dinner
with my friends, came home, and relaxed some more. Nothing special, but it works!!
And of course, sleep a lot too!

I can pretty much keep going on routine even on a bad day, but whenever exhausted i just make cook up a high protein meal and usually i feel better the next day. If im mentally exhausted i do the same thing + i head on over to my woodworking shop as soon as i can and i just start building some piece of custom furniture without any proper planing. After that im usually ready for another shift.