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What do you do when you don't feel like working?


Have you ever felt like you just want to shut down the computer and forget about your gigs for a while? How do you overcome that feeling, or is it better to just give in until you feel you are ready?


Oh man, what a great question! Just reading it made me feel the urge to close my computer and do some drawing magic :smiley: It’s so tempting!

But I usually overcome that urge by setting a separate schedule, one for drawing, and one for working. But there will be times when you’re really not in the mood to work, and continuing would put you at risk of mixing things up or making mistakes that you’d normally not do when delivering your work.

So in those cases, I’d recommend taking some time off and do what you need to do in order to feed your brain and prepare it for more work later on.


I honestly have never felt like not working on fiverr even for one day.


I’m just sitting here and postpone starting on my orders today by browsing the forum. Hahaha, this reminds me that I really need to go back to work.


I usually ask for longer delivery times with the promise that I will “try” to get it out sooner. This is usually up for negotiation. Like if I saw 10 days for a non urgent project, people might say oh could we make it 7. Sure we can, that’s still better than three! That leaves me ample room for days where I may wake up under the weather or just plain not feel like doing anything. Also if I know I’m going to have a heavy weekend or I’m going t possibly be going to a party or barbecue or something I will try to have my gigs done before hand if they expire on the days I want free or I try to arrange any new gigs so they dont expire on those days so I can still have those days off.

I recently travelled from the UK to Canada and made everyone aware I was going to be unavailable until tomorrow actually, but I feel like working today so I’m working. it allowed me some time to get settled in and get ovr jetlag which was a great plan on my part ! :smiley:


I work in 20-30 minute increments and then take a ten minute break. It’s a productivity method that I learned form a former boss. This combats that burnout feeling for the most part, although I do still have some days where I don;t want to do anything at all. I just push through and keep working when that happens. When I finish a huge project I reward myself with a couple hours of wattpad. I love wattpad :stuck_out_tongue:


I am just obsessed. I love to work on Fiverr. I can’t imagine a single hour without Fiverr.


I am a writer. When I am not writing for others I write for myself. I have 9 active blogs and I have just published my 11th book. Writing is my break from writing.


I agree with @Woofy31, you need to schedule your breaks. :slight_smile:
That way you know that if you work for another 2-3 hours you’ll have a break afterward. Since you’re a writer I’d recommend an active break. Maybe not a gym, but something outside if possible.


Work out. I like to fight on my free time - kickboxing, muay thai, bjj, boxing, wrestling, mma, etc.
Sitting on a computer too much becomes depressing for me.


Just watch some movies :stuck_out_tongue:


That you can do while working :wink:


Remind me to keep my cool around you :fearful:


Yes to Brazilian jiu jitsu. I like martial arts too.


I have to identify the difference between just feeling blah about current work versus I need to take a break for my mental health. If I just feel blah, I just tell myself I don’t have to want to do it, or like doing it, I just have to do it.

Otherwise, if it’s for mental health, then I take a break. By that point it’s usually gotten so bad that I take a whole month off. :slight_smile:


That’s the professional way of handling it. Personally i do pretty much the same except sometimes with creative work its almost impossible to will yourself to come up with a unique, idea, invention, piece of art etc. Luckily though i always have work in multiple fields, today for example i was supposed to do an airbrush painting but couldn’t come up with a good idea so instead i built a fence for another client and started building a new front door for another.


I actually find sitting in general drains more energy than lets say carrying bricks for 8 hours. Had to sit a whole day last week renewing a job related licence and the next day my legs were cramping, neck was stiff and my back was hurting (couldn’t even put socks on when i went to work). Always the same thing when i have to work sitting down (luckily thats not often).


I live on a smallholding with 16 alpacas so I understand and agree with your point. There’s always something completely different that needs to be done if a short break away from the computer is necessary.


Birds of the same feather :slight_smile: