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What do you do when you don't have customers and you need money?

Hello, I like to be part of this community on fiverr but I would like to get a better experience. so I would like to know experiences from everyone who is part of this too and are in the same situation.

Think about it. Is there anything else you can do besides draw? Maybe you can come up with more unique gigs. Experiment a little, see what sells and what doesn’t.

Personally, I work on other websites other than Fiverr. Fiverr currently is my main one, sure, but I like to spread myself out. And if I don’t have customers or projects in other places? I continue to work. I’m either improving my social media presence, improving my websites, or working on another project.

It’s all about staying busy during my working hours. I can be lazy during my off hours.

I’m in a similar situation, I had a part time job that brought in most of my income but that very recently ended so now I’m living on government benefits, what I’m making from my art and my meager savings.

The last few weeks I’ve begun working on overhauling my art business to try and make it a full career but so far things have been slow. I’ve tried buyer requests but I’ve had very little feedback and no sales.

I’ve also put up several new gigs that have resulted in people contacting me but every time the gig has gone to someone else either because they responded faster (my average is 3hrs) or because they offered the customer absurdly low prices.

I think the trick might be to find niches where there is little to no competition and looking to see what gigs are getting sales very quickly from being put up (which is why I’m in the forum at the moment).

I think perhaps offering other things than just art and expanding onto other sites as well are also important.

If I don’t have customers and I need money, I’ll go look for another source of income.
Is Fiverr your main/only source of income? If that’s the case you might want to look for another job on the side if possible. If for whatever reason you can’t do that, keep promoting your gigs and hope for the best.
Also, I personally think the gig title “I will make a drawing for you I need support” is a bad idea. If you sound too desperate, it comes across as unprofessional, plus people might take advantage of your situation.