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What do you do, when you get tired of working?

Guys, the past few days, I get tired really easy. This occurs to me once in a while, and I can’t seem to concentrate on work. Does this happen to you? How do you deal with it?


That used to happen to me, too. Then I couldn’t afford getting tired of working, ended up in the hospital, then I realized that my health is worth more than that, so I now give myself regular breaks where I do something that I enjoy and love (by long breaks I mean several hours where I only respond to inbox messages and leave all orders hanging)

And when that fails, too, I plan a weekend getaway that I’ll look forward to while working, and surely after that weekend I have fresh new energy levels!

And if that fails, too, I look for some product that I’d need and look forward to buying it with my Fiverr money and giving it to myself as a gift, from myself to me :smiley: That is a great motivation for me to keep on working :wink:


Well said @Woofy31 That’s really works. :smiley: :smiley:


It’s an interesting question. I could go down the line of “sleep at a reasonable time” and “live a healthy lifestyle” but life can and does get in the way. If you are talking about work on fiverr I would suggest limiting you sales in the queue to what you deem a doable… workable amount. You could always have a couple of days break… go on vacation mode and come back when you feel rested. Failing all of that my recommendation would be to push through! If it only happens rarely look at is as a temporary thing… you will feel better soon and accomplished for doing it. I wish you all the best of luck and health.


I agree. I work no matter what and only stopped once in almost five years when I went to the hospital for an emergency operation. I work 7 days a week. Of course if you need to take days off to rest that’s up to you. I don’t stop unless something beyond my control forces me to.


Working in smaller pockets during the day is an excellent way to combat this. I work for 2-3 hours then take a break. Do this several times a day and you keep your batteries topped up!


I know I’ve been there. For me, the answer is quality. I am getting better quality sleep, eating better quality food and drink and spending quality time AWAY from Fiverr and work when I feel the stress building to a point. I now take a 60-minute exercise break every day and that has worked wonders.

I also take what I call Creativity Breaks to paint, draw, or build something with my hands to take the focus off of my work activities, get out of the office, and it has helped tremendously. I find I can manage a greater workload than before and still have time for offline activities.

I wish you success and send a big Hola to all of you from Cancun!


I have a strategy to combat tiredness, exhaustion, and lack of concentration while maintaining the standard levels of productivity divided into several approaches, depending on the intensity of the exhaustion.

At the very first level, if I’m exhausted and unable to work as usual - I put on my Stereo, Noise - Isolating headphones, play the Binaural beats for focus & concentration and see if that works.

If it doesn’t and I’m still tired and finding it difficult to concentrate - I ask my wife to make me one of those little pieces of art of hers that look like this:

I especially like them during Summer days, however, I’ve grown so fond of them that I enjoy them during the winter as well.

I solely drink Coffee as a mild Nootropic whenever I need it for productivity. I never drink it for enjoyment because it would progressively build Caffeine tolerance and harm the efficiency it has when it comes to improving my focus, concentration, and energy.

This usually works perfectly in 90% of the cases.

If I’m incredibly tired and none of the above helps, I resort to using Modafinil (it’s dangerous when not used properly, it’s a prescription - only drug, and it should never be used before thorough consultation with your Doctor). I try to avoid this whenever possible.

As a very last resort, if the exhaustion persists, I take a few days off and spend them walking in nature, spending time with my loved ones and doing the things I’m passionate about.

Of course, the must - have productivity habits such as eating clean, everyday exercise, mindset training, juicing, no Internet browsing, video games, porn, drugs or any other useless, wasteful artificial dopamine - chasing activities, are the core of getting overly exhaused and tired very, very rarely.

However, when I do, I take the above steps.




Guys, listen to @Woofy31, he shares a lot of useful information with all of us, for FREE! :stuck_out_tongue:

@andycancun - Greetings to you too also have one “cerveza” for me, preferably Corona with a lime. :slight_smile:

@richardbloch - I quit drinking coffee, it makes acids in my stomach, and I feel uncomfortable even from a small espresso shot, not to mention the frappe (or as we call it Iced Nescafee), that your wife makes for you.

@ssj1236 - Man, if I do start gaming, I can’t stop and it’s one of my biggest distractions, I should send you photos of my PlayStation games collection. I have a lot for my PS3, but just a couple of games for my PS4 (they are too damn expensive). I know, you might say PC Master Race, but I tend not to game on my computer, if I have games installed on it, I would never open Photoshop or Illustrator at all.

In my opinion, riding a bicycle or taking a long walk might help me, but guys, this week, nothing helps. I have tried a lot of stuff. I even worked on my vacations for 3-4 hours a day (that might be the issue). I had some long trips, and I am still not able to gain energy to work like I used to do. Maybe, I should start doing puzzles, or lego in order to take a break. Reading has a negative effect, gaming has a negative effect and not to mention watching movies and TV Shows. Maybe I should start doing yoga.


No joke, I had over 1200 PS2 DVD’s…I literally had like 3 copies of God of War and urban reign…but then I came to realize the glory of the PC master race. Why is PC the master race? Simple, because I’m playing Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild in gorgeous 4K on my PC.


Definitely, I have a beast of a computer, but I never game on it, maybe I should buy a mac, seriously. You can’t game on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am thinking more of a beautiful mountain landscape with an out-of-this-world Buddhist temple - such a place will surely relax you, though it can turn out to be tricky to get to :wink:

That’s the best way of curing yourself of games :rofl:


Now, I am teaching my sister to work in photoshop, as soon as she learns to, I will give her my computer and get something not so gamer friendly, but good for design. :stuck_out_tongue:

But… I am not planning on selling my consoles.

Well, for starters, definitely not in our part of the world. In our part of the world, we can find not so relaxing religious buildings. :smile:


Truer words have never been spoken.

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I play CS:GO :smiley: You should try if you are into gaming. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am into gaming, but I prefer single player games.

I never get tired of working, I don’t see it as “work” in the first place. Just a fun thing I do writing stuff for which I get paid. Awesome! [But if there is anything that really stresses me out is worrying about my country and its future, and the politics on Twitter and whether PM Modi will win re-election in 2019 or not. That really tires me out. “Work” is a relief.]

[Okay, I have just taken a decision never to go to Twitter again. This is the 3545453th time I’ve taken the decision to quit Twitter. Hope I succeed this time. Wish me luck folks.]


Very good advice!..I should quit Twitter/politics, that’s hurting me.

Whenever i feel like getting bored, i head over to Youtube for some fun ! Youtube is full of fun…it got news, latest smartphone reviews etc etc…

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