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What do you do, when you get tired of working?


If I feel like I can do it, I’ll do it. I’ll keep pushing myself.
My work motto is “Work my @$$ off today so I can slack of tomorrow.”

Having that said though, if I really, really feel like I just can’t do it, I’ll stop.
I’ll listen to the warning sign my body is telling me. If my body is nagging/yelling at me to freaking take a break, I might ignore it, but if is starts screaming in pain, that’s a different story.
When that happens, I drop everything, I just watch youtube all day.
I then get back to work the following day. It works for me! :wink:


I stopped following politics a long time ago, it’s nonsense, it just a big waste of time. Whoever wins the election, nothing improves, both I, and you live in SUPER corrupted countries. That’s why politics shouldn’t be followed at all.

It worked like a charm for me, but now I am getting tired really easy.


Cheers to that! :triumph:

…and me as well… :confused: and “super” has a whole new level of corrupted meaning in here :smiley:

Why not compile a list, a long one, with things that you like to do, or that you’d like to do, and then cross those you’re not in the mood, or better, try doing each and every one and cross them if they haven’t relaxed you.

Or do some binge-sleeping :smiley:


Yep, I’ve heard about that. Luckily, Romanians are smarter and you did overthrow the corrupted people. In my country, there was a major wiretap scandal, with a lot of compromising tapes including the Prime Minister asking for a bribe. They lost the election, but they still didn’t go on a trial. While I was told in Romania, they were jailed, and “all” of the stolen money was returned to the budget. Anyways, the Balkans suck.

I have made a full schedule on what do to every hour, but it’s hard to follow.


And here we are talking about politics :rofl: I’ll put a full stop here.

I wouldn’t do that :grimacing: I’d feel imprisoned! And TIRED :rofl:


Maximum security federal prison in the middle of the Arizona desert. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tend to notice when you ignore the warning signs or do something you really dislike, your work tend to suffer.

Freelancing is still a job and 5r is no exception.

I ordered a gig from a highly respected top seller who delivered late, below average quality using free stock photos when I paid good money for premium.

I was shocked and disappointed, considering the # of orders in queue, I had to conclude the seller is overworked.

If you’re a top seller and you begin to slip, it’s time to take a break. All buyers hate late deliveries.


Stop what you are doing and ask your girlfriend to come over. Helps all the time.


And Mario has the last word as always.


True that…I’m late sometimes, but make up with the quality of the work.


Agreed, this is the best solution.
She can do your work while you go out and relax for a while


Found my peace. I am chilled today.



Watching movies is the best thing to do! :slight_smile:


Yep, but I am still in front of let’s say, a “digital” screen. Watching movies and TV Shows makes me even lazier. Of course, that is my point of view.


First, you need to see a doctor, it might be something serious. Second, try to rest more, do things you love and enjoy. I like to Beach play online. I’m a gamer at the core.

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I don’t wanna go to a doctor, in my country, they would send you to a shrink right away. The shrink will prescribe me a diazepam. It happens because I worked a lot the in the past few months. Now it got better because I started drawing or building legos in the moments when I get tired of work.


Is there any group on WhatsApp or Facebook that can help each other


What kind of help are you talking about?


No, but I believe Fiverr has a Forum for this :wink: