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What do you do when you have no gigs?

what are you using your time on ,as Fiverr users when you do not have any gigs.? I am still waiting for my firist gig… I have try to be active for for a maybe 2 week now. I have made a few project just for fun … sind i never got the gigs. still fun making somthing that I know someone out there need . but sind i still very news as an active user… I have not been lucky so far to try a real gigs. am I the only one who working on a gigs just for training? or what do you do with all the free time between gigs ?


Your post is very confusing. I find it difficult to know what you are trying to tell. :sweat_smile:

I think you’re confusing the word ‘gig’ with the word ‘order’.

A gig is the the service you offer. An order is the contract made for you to do the work.

As for what I do when I have no orders, depends. Self-improvement, hobbies, personal projects, housework, other things that need doing…


I thought the same but these lines are very confusing:

I the only one who working on a gigs just for training? or what do you do with all the free time between gigs ?

As far as I can tell, ‘training’ is a stand in word for ‘practice’. So:

Am I the only one who challenges themselves with practice orders?

Well I not trying to tell must … asking what are you doing when you do not have work ? between projects

second I tell that I find project and start working on them even before I get them … because I work to train my skill … and if I get the gigs . I am already well on my way :grin:

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Oh, Thank you for letting me know! :smiley:
It’s great that you practice your skill, you can also use that practiced work to show in gig gallery to the buyers.


Today is currently what I call my “Blog Writing Day” so I am writing blogs for two of my own websites - one I use to promote my freelance services and one to cross promote one of my handful of eBooks.

I’m not normally without a lot to do over here…lol

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you could say that :slight_smile: I am not sure why it is wrong to say training …but okay that might end up learn something new when it come to the English language :smiley:

I saw you are offering excel sheets so no clue what you can do with your free time,
But being designer , I always spend my free time preparing and improving my portfolio and learning new art style and observing other similar works !

‘Training’ and ‘practicing’ have similar meanings in English, and can often be used as synonyms, so your use (in this case) isn’t wrong. It’s just a rather tricky nuance. ‘Training’ usually has an external or third-party perspective, closer to ‘teaching’, while ‘practice’ is more internal or self-driven, and is closer to ‘rehearse’ or ‘refine’.

Definitions, as found on the internet.
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When i dont have orders or i have i still run my own freelance projects in real life.
Or just learn more about editing, or going out having work around my backyard…

what kind of work do you do ?

I do Music videos, Promo videos, Weddings and so on, I own a small Media Agency, and at meantime when covid affected me i am doing fine with Fiverr as my main income at this point, and slowly getting my own projects back in normal

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Cool :slightly_smiling_face: