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What Do You Do When You Hit a Slow Down?

For all the experienced sellers:

What do you do when you hit a slow down, or times when it seems like traffic stalls? Orders have been sparse lately even though there have been no changes. I was busy just before Christmas and now it has slowed down to 1 order every two weeks or so.

I know this is probably just something that happens on the platform and a normal part of the business. I just wonder what some of you do to get the ball rolling again or do you just wait it out? I have been a seller for a while so I know about using buyer requests, sharing your gigs on social media, and making a blog to write about your gigs.

Do you update your gigs? I see a lot of sellers say to update your gigs frequently but I’m not sure that is a good idea. The sellers who always seem to have orders haven’t changed their gig pages at all.

So what are your top tips for getting traffic to your gigs?


When I hit slow patches, I use the time for all the little gig maintenance to dos that I always mean to tweak but never seem to have the time to. That includes potentially re-evaluating my pricing structure, amending my gig descriptions, creating new gig videos and developing new gig offerings.

I also use the time as a mini “vacation” and try to enjoy the down time (with the understanding that over the course of the year, there will be much busier periods) as well as devoting time to side projects.

I used to obsess over my analytics trying to find patterns in sales, but ultimate came to embrace lulls as a way to recharge.

You can also take the time to experiment with your gig offerings. I saw that you gigs do not have any gig videos. You could always try experimenting with one of your gigs by creating a video and then keep track of your analytics to see if that particular gig starts to out perform others.

Hope this helps!


Great tips, thank you.

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I know I should relish having a little time between orders to recharge. I’m going to look into adding videos and doing a little gig maintenance. Thanks for the good suggestions.

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Im suffering from this also.
For 2020 is not a good start for me.
I just edit my gig description. & working on other things.
Lets see…

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