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What do you do when you received stolen art?


I recently made an order from a less then popular person. All 5 stars, but not very many reviews. I asked for him to freshly draw certain cartoon characters in brand new poses, doing creative things or silly things. He delivered the art, and I thought it was very good! The next day a twitter follower directed me the deviant art website and official website of the cartoon where the artist stole the imaged directly.

The artist response was
“You did not tell me I could not directly use google search and official website to create this design.”

They literally copied, pasted and redrew the outline of the cartoon in a slightly larger thickness to the original. They erased objects in the picture so it looked like his work, including artist credit on those websites.

How likely am I going to get a refund, I feel so stupid a dooped right now. I even tipped him because I really loved the art! I submitted a request to customer support, and I guess all I can do it just wait.

What a horrible experience thou, I even printed up the stickers already as well… I am at a big loss. Oh and I also paid him for the commercial rights to it. (it was extra)


Oh sorry this is in the wrong forum :frowning: My bad!


Sorry to hear about your experience. What the seller did (delivering copyrighted work) is wrong, illegal, and against Fiverr’s terms of service. I believe you should have no trouble getting the order cancelled.


Feeling very Sorry to hear about your experience.


Sorry to hear that…Next time use the following online tools to find out if an art was stolen…

  1. TinEye.

  2. Google Reverse Image Search