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What do you do when you're bored

When I’m bored, I go for a drive or spend money.

Today is a bad day for a drive, so . . .

What do you do when you’re bored? Do you spend hours online buying stuff you don’t need?


I usually find myself here:

@gina_riley2 search bored button, it’s completely legitimate but I completely understand your concern.


I’m afraid to click that link! :confused:

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Ha, ha.

I had to click the link! :grin:

Thank, Joe.

Well, I’m off to spend money.

I’ve decided to quit eating, starting tomorrow.

Let’s face it. Eating is really boring.


Was it safe afterall? I’d never post a link if I wasn’t completely sure of it’s original origin.

Enjoy the generator!!

@gina_riley2 If you stop eating you won’t be bored again! Or mind you. :wink:

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When I am bored I end up on YouTube or emproving my gigs here on Fiverr

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I visit the forum, watch some movies or youtube videos. And if nothing works, I practice for my next football game.


I’m sick of food.

I want to travel the world and try exotic beverages; something fruity and girly. :grin::sparkling_heart::heart:


Why did I think you were a :girl: ?

Oops. :frowning:

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What’s your :heart: on youtube?

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Europe? Asia? N or S America? Africa, maybe?

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What makes you think that I am a :man:.
Did you just assume my gender? :joy:
Just kidding, I am (am with emphasis) a :boy:

To be honest I don’t have a favorite. I watch whatever is recomended or is of intrest to me. Half the time I end up watching baking videos and never make them

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@thecreativeguys Man that bored button just blew me away!

When I’m bored, I open a random site generator, and let it help me choose between: drawing the draw, watching a TV show, spending some quality time on the Forum, playing with discobot (wait, I think discobot is actually playing with me…)


Well, I don’t have anymore vacation time until next year.

I’m thinking about Italy or Germany in the Spring.

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Oh ok. Best of luck then!

I watch music videos on YouTube, occasionally t.v. and movie bloopers.

Nothing like seeing bloopers on some serious show or movie to see the actors giggle in the middle of what’s supposed to be a serious scene. :joy:

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