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What do you do when


What do you do when you have alot of order?

Do you cancel or suspend gigs?

Do You work overtime to finish?

Do you just ask for more time?


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Just tell your customers that orders are piled up, and thank them for being patient and that their order may pass the deadline. Make them feel like this happens, and they will be less inclined to be pushy. Communication is the key!


I increase order time temporarily (this has no impact on my business I know many people are scared to do it - look at my gigs and see how many orders I have, it doesn’t hurt me at all)

I do work lots of late nights but also if I have to deliver anything a little late I give them a heads up be super nice and so far not one person has ever complained.


I cancel them all and start over :slight_smile:


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When people message me I tell them that I am very busy at the moment and try to give them an idea as to when I will be able to get to work on their project. If someone wants to pay more I explain that they can order an extra that pushes them to the front of the line.

As others have said communication is key, if a buyer is a real jerk over time constraints, I’d rather not deal with them anyway because chances are they will be just as bad about their orders.


If you are able to work over-time, that’s what I would suggest doing. If not, then contacting the buyer of the latest gigs and saying something along the lines of “I have a lot of gigs right now, but I will get to yours as soon as possible” (as someone else suggested) is probably your best bet.

I’m not sure how it works with asking for more time, as the count down is automated, but if you have a gig that can be delivered in parts, you could ask your buyer (especially if it’s a repeat buyer who knows you won’t cheat them) if you can deliver just a part of it so that you’ve gotten it officially finished in time, and then finish it completely within the three days before the gig is automatically marked complete (as it might be more difficult for a buyer to get their money back once it’s completed, but I’m not sure exactly how that works).

This might not work for you, and obviously you might not have buyers who are willing to do this, but it would still allow them to reject your completed work (if it is half-finished) if you don’t deliver in the new time you’ve decided on and would still allow them to cancel the order, if necessary. So if you can do this, it’s far better than getting bad reviews, running out of time or having cancelled orders.


Thanks for your feedback on this guys i will try some of things you suggested the next time i overwhelmed with gigs


Reply to @suety21: hi suety21, Don’t cancel the orders but try to spent overtime to get the orders done. You can suspend your gig and activate it after clearing the active orders.