What do you do with your gig page when you go on vacation?


I’m pretty new to Fiverr (2 months now doing voiceovers and I just got level 2 status), but I learned a big lesson over Christmas vacation. I didn’t want to freeze my gig while I was on vacation because I wanted people to be able to search for me and see what my gig had to offer. So I bumped my delivery time from 2 days to 5 days and mentioned in my description that I was out of town at the moment, thinking this would deter people (but I brought my voiceover equipment with me so I could work on any gigs that did come in). I also guessed that not many people would be purchasing voiceover gigs over Christmas week. Boy was I wrong! I was bombarded with gigs, which proved to be very stressful since I had to work on them while on vacation.

So what do you all do when you go on vacation? I still don’t like the idea of freezing my gig, since I have a lot of regulars and I don’t want them to think I’m gone for good. I thought I might film a little video explaining that I’m out of town and replace that with my normal gig video, and also make my delivery time more like 2 weeks.

Any other ideas from people who have been in a similar situation?




You know what, maybe the best thing to do is just increase the delivery time. I’m going to Las Vegas next month, and I plan to keep all my mobile gigs active but increase delivery time. I don’t want to suspend my gigs for the same reasons as you, plus there’s users who have tried stealing my gig content, and I would hate for them to resurface and steal some of my customers while my gigs’ are suspended. So I plan on taking my laptop with me, and working on orders while on my downtime. I hate getting behind with orders, so hopefully I’ll be able to balance work time and party time. Lol


Yeah i agree with musiclover, best thing to do is increase your delivery time to 10 or 15 and add a good reason in the description…


Thanks for all the thoughts! I wish there was a feature like on ebay, where if you are on vacation, your page is still visible, but there is a huge notice stating that the seller is out of town and will return on a certain date.