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What do you feel about the RBR page?

We can send 10 offers from the Recent Buyer Requests page daily. We are currently going through a strategy fine-tuning procedure and we noticed that this page is not giving us good results. We would like to know what other sellers feel about this page. On an average how many orders do you receive from RBR page daily?

I’ve gotten a few but its mainly a waste of time. My gig gets tons of order so mostly I have buyers always contacting me.

Waste of time. It’s cluttered with shit of mentally disabled sellers.

Very true for Creative Writing category! Sellers just keep advertising their own gigs there.

i get zero order from RBR page even i sent 5 to 6 request daily but no response i gonna disappointed here…:slight_smile:

There is also the downside that you can only reply to the buyer by making an offer. Often their requests are so vague that it isn’t clear at all what they actually want. So it would be a good thing to be able to communicate with them first before sending them any offer.

But I guess this section is more designed for the morons on both sides. Like that ball-thingy at IKEA.

I’ve received several clients through the buyer request page but it does take a lot of time to sift through all of the sellers who are inappropriately advertise their gigs. I agree that many of the buyer requests are so vague that it is difficult to answer. I think you have to be careful about what buyers you choose to engage with an offer. I do wish that I could see requests of all other categories as well.

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Yeah, I’ve wasted offers more than once on sneakily-worded requests. Then the seller would message me saying that they actually wanted me to order and sometimes even send me an offer. I understand that it’s hard to get orders but come on.

The most useful thing would be a spam button in my opinion. It wasn’t that bad several months ago but recently, every other request is either a seller or makes no sense at all.

It’s not too hard to get orders b.t.w.

Have a look at your gigs. Think about it and you’ll understand why you don’t get any orders.

For me is a waste of time. A lot of “sellers” offering their services, people who doesn’t know anything but pretend to know everything. Since i use Fiverr, i got max. 10 orders from the RBR page. Fiverr do something about this. At least stop this spams!

I just want to know about the ball-thingy at IKEA. I’ve never been to IKEA. Please elaborate. :smiley:

Buyer Requests is like a bin full of non-matching old socks. Once in awhile if you dig enough, you find a match. For me, if sales are slow and I have no gig tweaking or marketing to work on, I delve into BR. I send out 10 offers on things I can do even if they’ve already gotten 25 offers or more. I don’t get daily orders (which is what you asked) but I usually will get 1 message from a potential buyer out of 10 tries. Most of the time that is still useless because the buyer wants more than I offer for $5. If I use up my 10 per day for 5 days in a row, though, I have a pretty good chance of making 1 sale. Surprisingly, it’s usually a buyer who did get 20+ offers but most were incoherent. Often the buyer has made at least 1 purchase and got a delivery of copy/paste junk.

If I make one sale with that buyer, it seems to kick start my sales again, perhaps by shoving my gig up a notch in search. It isn’t uncommon for me to turn that buyer into a regular and that’s worth the time spent. I recommend BR for newbies who have good gigs but need a way to get a first few reviews, and I recommend it for seasoned sellers who are slow and have the time to gamble at BR roulette.

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Can you get me some orders if it isn’t that much hard?

It might not be good for level 2 and top level sellers as they already have made contacts, but the RBR page is very helpful for new sellers on fiverr to interact with buyers and get the starting orders/reviews.
The negative aspect is that the sellers have started posting there on portfolio which is kind of irritating.

Isn’t that a ball pit/pool for kids that grown-ups jump into? :smiley:

Well, it could be because i’m new (only a week in) but so far the 3 gigs I’ve booked have been from that page. I like it well enough so far! Hoping to gain some experience at least from the RBR page until I gain my own clientele. :slight_smile:

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Yes, here it’s called SMALAND where people leave their children to play while they are shopping. We sometimes fool around by saying that you can also leave your morons there. Savvy. Playing around while the grown ups do their thing.

Sounds pretty useful. :smiley:

But I should be fair and say that I found my favourite buyer through requests and she’s not a moron (I like to think that I’m not, either).

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Hahaha, outch :slight_smile: