What do you guys do when you are waiting for your first order?


Hello everyone!

I am a new seller and have a short list of 5 gigs (that is enough for now I guess)

I was just wondering… What do the new sellers actually do as you are waiting for your first order. I have read in the forums that the first order may come anywhere from 2 days to even 2 weeks!

Do you just poke around the forums, check out other sellers in your category?


I don’t recall really waiting around when I was a new seller. I kept applying for buyer requests as much as I could. I knew that no one was going to just stumble on my review-less profile and order from me, even i my gig descriptions were awesome.

Thankfully, that worked out for the best :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response!

I will keep a watch on the buyer requests.

I just checked out your profile and I see that you have graduated to Level 2 in just 8 months with amazing reviews. Inspiring.


It only really takes you two months to graduate to level 2, so it’s not so impressive :stuck_out_tongue: