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What Do You Guys Do with All That Fiverr Money?

Hey , this topic maybe a little out of the box. But my curious mind wants to know what you guys do with the money from Fiverr? Or you can say what led your interest on Fiverr ?
Is it only for survival or hobby or you got other dreams to accomplish with this money??

For myself I want to have a great career on Fiverr. And If I do I’ll drop-out from college. Use fiverr as source of survival and the dream is buying camera gears and start traveling the World.

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Dropping out of college shouldn’t be a goal :slight_smile:

Anyway, with my last month’s income I will renovate my office.
With this month’s income I will book a trip to South of France and with the next one I will buy a new PC :slight_smile:

There are a few who have made a career here, but I don’t recommend it. Fiverr is simply not a reliable source of income to pay monthly bills. I use Fiverr money for my hobbies, traveling and other nice to have things. If I don’t make any money here then I simply don’t take a trip, I stay home and do something else :slight_smile:


For whatever you wish to achieve, dropping college is not a good idea unless you have no other choice.
A degree is always a good backup for your future career.
I have a job in a university, fiverr is my side job and use the extra income for my hobby as an amateur blacksmith and social activities, and some extra treats for my dogs.


Like others have already said, dropping out of college definitely shouldn’t be a goal, especially if you’re planning on Fiverr being your only source of income. I understand how difficult it can be to balance the two of them when you start getting more orders because I’m in the same boat at the moment, but Fiverr isn’t reliable enough to rely on completely, and your qualifications might come in handy one day.

If you do plan on making this your full-time job, you might want to look at freelancing elsewhere, either by grabbing clients directly, or through other websites. Frankly, putting all your eggs in one basket regardless of your chosen career is never a good idea.

I’ve only been on Fiverr for just over a month. I’m in college, and live with my parents, so I don’t have any bills to pay at the moment. With the first £600 I make, I plan on completely re-doing my room, splitting it down the middle so that I can have a bedroom area and an office area. I can’t work in a traditional job because I’m disabled, so I am hoping to become a full time freelancer once I finish college. I already have a few other ideas in mind, though, so Fiverr won’t be my only income source. I’d be glad if I earned enough to pay my parents rent, and pay for my phone bill, though. Big dreams and all that. :joy:


Thanks for your advice man. I need to renew my plans and think over again.
Thanks a lot, appreciate it very much.

thanks a lot. how do you get the time doing both? that’s pretty cool.
I have hard time doing studies and this too. [Still just new here] I am currently studying Management in a business school and getting a professional degree. (Cost Management Accounting)
thanks for the advice and letting me know your lifestyle. i need to redo thinking and yeah for you guys advice I am now sure dropping out is a pretty bad idea as this marketplace isn’t pretty reliable. I’ll complete my degrees then. Afterwards I’ll think out everything getting the degree what I like to do :smiley:
In the mean time I also want to do some courses on Digital Marketing in Udacity if I can with the money from here. Wish me luck.

Yeah this place is not reliable enough. I will think out everything again. Will complete traditional degrees for sure then. Afterwards will try to sort out what to do in life.
as you know balancing this with studies is very hard. I am having some hard time. But will try doing both giving priority to my studies first.
You got some good plans ahead. That’s cool. Let us know what you are doing besides fiverr :smiley:

Thanks for your advice. I seriously needed it.
Your cute :wink: with those cute plans. I’m dreaming big too :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s see where I can reach hehe… Wish me luck.