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What do you guys think about 10 offers per day?

[Update] : Ok, after listening to some people, functionality to PM buyers won’t be such a good idea. but still only 10 offers a day sounds okay for a new seller, but a level 2 seller being able to only reach out to 10 people a day…

I think we deserve better than that. It is a also a loss for buyers, why would I send any of these “10 offers” to anyone with a lower budget. I’ll only keep my eye out for people who have more budget… It’s ridiculous.

Is that a fair amount of offers keeping in mind there are 40-50 offers added everyday (within 1-2 categories)

I have gigs in various categories, 10 offers is basically nothing.

and a higher level seller should have more offers to send, We have proven our worth on fiverr community, we should have some advantage over the sellers who are JUST STARTING on fiverr.

Fiverr staff really needs to give some attention to the sellers, specifically sellers with good rating.

advertiser_seo said: and shouldn't we be allowed to PM the buyers?
We are. But only if they show interest messaging us first. What would you think if every bakery, clothes shop, supermarket, pharmacy,.. in your town called you everyday to ask you if you want to buy their products?? That's spam.

How can we gain more orders of writing at beginner level?

Being able to PM possible buyers like that would be considered spam.

I actually posted for a Buyers Request once. I got bombarded with spam messages on top of the 30 + offers I received. I used to agree that we should be able to message buyers on top of our 10 offers, but after experiencing that I don’t think it’s such a good idea.

I do however agree that 10 offers isn’t a lot. Maybe as our levels increase we could be eligible for more offers each day? New sellers = 10 offers, Level 1 = 15 offers, Level 2 = 20 offers.

That might motivate people to work harder to reach levels. Just my thoughts.

I agree that 10 is reasonable as both a buyer and a seller I would advise against it, if I am posting and I am getting 50 offers I would maybe go with someone who I have hired already or ask for a recommendation from that seller.

Yes 30 or 50 is a bit of a stretch.
but there should definitely be a difference in the number of offers a new seller can send vs a level seller, same with level 1 vs level 2

Its great feature for new sellers but later doesnot mean anything even i still use it.

Reply to @shahzina12: Your gig says that you will write a story, but there are some basic English mistakes in your description, such as “Do you writing a book of story”, “More then” or never using the article “the”. I think you should correct those first.

Reply to @designbybliss: It only makes sense.
Most of the buyers who come to fiverr post a request and as a Level 2 seller, I suppose I should be allowed to reach out to more than 10 buyers.

I agree that fiverr should increase the amount of bids for seller level. 10 offers are not enough. I think for level 1 could be enlarge to 20 offers. level 2 with 30 deals and star level with 50 deals. That really motivate us to increase level. I hope the team fiverr consider these opinions.

Reply to @falbertoc: yes, but as a buyer that would be worse than it already is if people had 30 or even 50 requests to send out every day. Remember too that the buyers get a ton of replies to buyer requests sometimes too many that it is just lots of spam at that point.