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What do you guys think of my gig, and how should I promote it?

Here it is:

Thanks in advance!

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Personally, I think your gig looks professional and interesting, however, if this were my gig, I would work on correcting minor grammatical or spelling errors.

To promote your gig, you could advertise it on various websites, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You don’t even have to pay for advertisement if you think the audience you are posting to is relevant and you have enough followers. If you don’t have enough followers, you could pay for an advertisement on Facebook. You can even choose the theme of your post to ensure it appeals to the right people. You can do this for very cheap prices.

Thanks! I hope this helps.


Hello :slight_smile:

I think it will be better if you give more information what you offer. Like;

Do you just edit blog templates?
Do you do frontend design?
Do you do backend design?
Do you design with css?
Do you do responsive design?
Do you do interface design?


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If Fiverr Editorial realizes you have the URL in your gig description, they will either tell you to fix it or just take your gig down. See this:

That’s the biggest issue I see.

Most sellers cannot sell anything but very cheap gigs when they are new and have no reviews, unless they have a Pro badge. That doesn’t mean your services aren’t worth more, but buyers have no reason to trust you until you have reviews and sample content displayed in a way that is allowed. You can give it a shot, it can’t hurt, but I think your prices will be too high to earn your first several reviews. Good luck!

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