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What do you know about E-commerce?


Hello everyone. I completed a contract with E-commerce client somewhere on internet and I’m actually amazed about the amount of effort and details you’ve to take in concern while selling physical things. So I’ve several questions for fellow forum people.

Do you have experience of selling physical goods? Have you worked for a client who sells stuff or completed something for him on fiverr like making ecommerce website or marketing for ecommerce business? Simply do you have any kind of fiverr experience related to ecommerce? If yes then please share with me what did you do.

I would like to know anything you did related to ecommerce on fiverr. It can be anything.


Actually yes,not on fiverr but in a meena bazaar held in my college when I was in 1st year of my college studies.I was supposed to do henna designs (it was a group of 8 girls having different services),I was too confident to convenience girls for making henna design on their hands :confused: :joy: …lol .And I hardly made Rs.300 Ha ha ha!


:joy::joy::joy: add 20 more emoji.


Why that much?:smirk:


Coz 20 characters…