What do you listen to while working?


Hey all! Hopefully this discussion will be helpful to everyone involved. I really do believe that music has the ability to change your day, productivity level, and/or overall mood. So, maybe if we try out some other listening habits, we can brighten up our work days! My question to you is:

What do you listen to while completing your gigs? Is there a specific artist/band/album/playlist that helps you focus? Or do you prefer silence?



Usually, I prefer listening to music without singing, like games and movies sound tracks, e.g. Far and away, Armageddon, Titanic, the music of Vangelis, Yanni…etc.


I don’t listen to music while I work. It’s too distracting.


Chill House, Chillstep, Trap, Synthpop, Mozart :musical_score:


Hello @stcylace,

In my case, it really depends the type of work I have to do. When writing, I usually cannot listen to music, because it distracts me, but very often I listen to ambient sounds on youtube, eg. ‘‘morning sounds’’, ‘‘rain sounds’’ etc. To me, it works as if I would drink a coffee, it energizes me and helps keep a happy and calm mood. :blush:


slow jams, Lana Del Rey is always my go to artist then my good friend genius from iTunes formulates a playlist based on the Lana tracks


My job sucks in that regard, I can only listen to the original client files if there’s any video sync needed, or dead silence if I’m only recording my voice :joy:

I do listen to techno/electro/house/deep house while replying messages and creating custom offers, though! Thank God. :grinning:


There’s a big TV about 10 feet ahead of my desk, I leave that on when there’s a cricket match or football game going on. I don’t watch anything when writing, but the sound of the commentary and the crowds cheering has a soothing effect on me.


for last few days listening to this :innocent:


I either have Netflix or Spotify on whilst I work. These are my top listens of 2016 - bit of a mix


Thanks for the input! These are all great suggestions. My music selection during my work day today was very diversified!! :laughing:


Actually I don’t listen to music that much while I work.
I listen to people talk about movies on youtube. What are those people called,
online/youtuber critics?

I usually chose the ones that review stupid/bad movies.
The critics just sit in front of the camera ranting about how and why the movies are bad.
There is a hit and miss when it comes to those people, but the good ones are pretty good in
my opinion.
The critics I enjoy listening to are Christ Stuckmann and Fanboy Flicks.
Maybe you can give it a try :slight_smile:


The sounds of nature such as water flowing in steams, thunderstorms, crickets chirping at night, etc.


Songs really help me be more productive and kinda make me work longer, I prefer listening to songs that I know already so it won’t be distracting for me.

Most of my favourite singers are Arabs so you might not know them :>. Ramy Essam , Slimane ,Sia, Hamza Namira and Cairokee


I’m going to be the odd one here and say I listen to podcasts because I like that while I’m working, I find out about other things as well.

In the rare times I don’t have any podcasts to listen to, I go for songs that make me more productive and keep me pumped up. (Helloween, Iron Maiden, etc.)

I found that if I listen to something slow or ambient (I already work in a dark environment because that’s best for color accuracy), I get sleepy most of the time.


It all depends on mood and the project. if I am writing poems, I want inspiring love music. If I am working on a complicated piece, probably no music. Right now, Marvin Gay - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.


The Sound of Silence.


I listen to Quran while working :heart_eyes:


EVERYBODY needs to give this a shot:


what? my video isn’t showing