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What Do You Love and Hate The Most About Fiverr?

No workplace is perfect. There are things that make you happy, things you can deal with, things that upset you and some stuff you just won’t stand… So, just wondering, what’s the best and worst of working through Fiverr?

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Creativity and punctuality is key of success on Fiverr.

Reading the stuff you’re supposedly answering to is also a great practice. You should try that, next time!


How about you start with yours? :slight_smile:

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I could, but it would quickly turn into a somewhat cringy rant about minimum wages, lack of policing, quality, quantity, control, and markets! The forum’s full to bursting with such posts!

I think I already said that in another thread: I see Fiverr as nothing more than a training track onto which one can hone their skills. It’s not a platform I’d actively use as a source for steady business, I believe - considering the current status of this environment - the fees we’re subjected to remain hard to justify, and I think management should step up their game if they want to remain relevant in the long run.

As far as liking is concerned… there’s very little. The forums are a great place to discuss current events and opinions. If you’d like, we could add how - albeit rarely - I’ve had the chance to work on some pretty interesting projects.

That’s pretty much all!


Best thing - If you are good at what you do here then you don’t have to complain about not getting work as buyers come to you considering you’re visible in search.

Worst thing - Buyers who come here after hearing that you can get anything and everything done for 5$, they don’t want to pay a penny more but want the world. (Might find similar people on other platforms as well but fortunately haven’t, so this is worst for me)


I’ll keep it short this time.

Best thing: it got me freedom (freedom from having a boss, freedom from having a fixed schedule, freedom of being close to loved ones and spending more time with them)

Worst thing: once in a while it shows me the darkest side of people :cry: (and yes, I’m referring to those buyers who abuse, threat, harass and swear/curse)


Thanks. So since you have started it, I will do my turn now.

As an occasional buyer, I like 5r coz it´s easy to use and I like the forum. I don´t like 5r coz…well some minor problems I have had with some sellers. But I don´t lose sleep over that. So, no biggie. Now another thing I like about 5r is, I can choose any seller I want. I don´t have to stay with the ones that I think are not cooperative.

I was a seller for a bit in attempt to keep myself busy as a semi-retiree. At that time, as far as I can remember, I didn´t have anything that I didn´t like. But perhaps if I had stayed longer as a seller, I would find a lot of things to not like as I would most likely be dealing with problems on this platfrom that have been experienced by some sellers. I have always liked the forum then and now.

Edit: If I were a seller now, probably I would really hate all those bugs and glitches.

Making money
Keeping busy
Giving me something to do with my time

Nothing that I can think of


Strongly Dislike:

  • The “Funny” auto messages which try to be down with the young folk but fail miserably.
    This is almost every auto message from the “Coffee and biscuits”, to “Nudge-Nudge”, “DISPUUUUTE”, "Oh no! There is a problem with your order!) etc. They are beyond unprofessional and I despise using them, having to put in a disclaimer of “Sorry about Fiverr’s unprofessional auto message of …, this is what I actually mean.
  • The bugs.


  • The ability to get orders without bidding constantly like on other freelance sites.
  • The ability to set my own pricing so that I mostly only get inquiries from those who are willing to pay the correct rate.
  • The Forum

'nuff said. On other freelancing sites, you are like sales agent approaching clients but on Fiverr, you are businessman sitting cushy and see the customers rolling in. :smile:


What I enjoy:

  • I enjoy being my own boss.
  • Setting my own working hours.
  • The legendary forum.

**What I don't appreciate:**
  • Site bugs

**What about Coffee?**
  • Overall, I’d sacrifice my daily coffee to converse with other awesome forum members!

Eh, sorry but no…
Love you all but need>love.


There are two questions and I have two answers.

One answer is: "nothing."
The other answer is: “everything.”

But I’m just not saying which answer of mine corresponds to which question. :wink:


Oh, that’s sneaky!  


Like: Freedom, control, time, kind & understanding clients. Oh, and I don’t have to pay to send proposals to jobs on BR.

Dislikes: Generally low prices, BUGs, poor customer care, occasionally terrible clients.


Oh, that’s sneaky!


Saving :dollar:,
Finding fun & creative gigs to buy :heart:

Crazy sellers who try to pass off stolen and/or plagiarized gigs :smirk:,
Gigs delivered past deadline :angry:


Love: I love almost everything about Fiverr! Most of all they are organsied and I love the way their customer suport is very pro-active and respond and try and help you solve the issue.I even think their phone app is very useful to know that your buyer has written to you or vice versa.

Hate: is a very strong word. I would say what I would like Fiverr to do is when a buyer just gives you an order without checking with you and you may not even realise that you have to deliver - give the option to a seller to at least request for a delivery date of ones own choice. Rather than doing the work frantically in order to meet a target - that was not scheduled.

I would like fiverr to have a minimum rate for a certain kind of work - so that the rate doesn’t crash for a particular service. I do not know how one delivers quality articles of 500 words each in $1 - unless one is just outsourcing them and submitting crap to the buyers. SAD! I have seen buyers demanding such services and stating that they want 1000 word articles in $1 - heaven only knows what kind of quality they receive.

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I sacrifice my sleep to go through Forum’s posts and their replies at times. :smiley: