What do you offer? let talk about it


I am a professional, flexible, experience and reliable web developer/Graphics designer, with many years of experience who has worked on various project on other freelancing site which has enable me to gain lot of experiences to serve you better.
And am here to work for you, and your satisfaction and feedback really matters. I promise to give you my best and unlimited modification until you are satisfied for what you paid for.
That is certainly my story.
You can check my gig out at my gig
Since i got here, have found so many great guys who have create time to look into some of the problem and questions i had about Fiverr, people like @newsmike, @lloydsolutions, @sarahx87, @crownanimate, @misscrystal, @xuntes, @lilacpunch and good other peoples. Thanks to you all.
How about you? What do you offer on Fiverr? How long now since you joined Fiverr? Have you landed your first sale yet? How did you feel if yes?
Tell us your story:grinning:


Thanks for mention me. I do animation.custom or non custom service. :blush:


Hey, I offer business help. To be more concrete, I help people to make money online. I joined fiverr 3 weeks ago and I already have 9 sales. :slight_smile:


I’m a voiceover artist and started on Fiverr in July. I reached level 2 in August. :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you for mentioning me, I’m glad to help when I can :slight_smile: It’s cool that you do web developing, I’ve dabbled in trying to create my own website before. Fiverr is my first freelancing site, I’ve explored others but never dove into them. Fiverr, I believe is the best because of how simple they make it for the buyer and seller experience in comparison to others. Plus it’s more visually appealing then other freelancing sites in my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m a social media graphic designer and most of my gigs are related to that. This is stuff like, graphic posts/memes/quote posts. There’s many names for it… but you get the idea. It’s also headers/covers/logos for online purposes. Basically if you need something designed for your social media, then I can do it.

I joined in February of this year and had my first sale in June. It was great, I was slightly confused, excited and nervous the first time honestly, because it was a custom order on top of my first order. I had to keep asking questions to make sure I was doing it right, but I was upfront and let the buyer know that I’m still learning how to operate on Fiverr. All turned out well and I started off my Fiverr slate with a 5 star review.