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What do you plan on doing with the money you make on Fiverr?


Just curious what you are planning to do with the extra cash?

Buy burritos?

Buy other gigs?

Stash it?

Support your lavish lifestyle?

Pay off student loans?

Invest it?

For me, I’m putting whatever extra I make into helping to pay my tax bill this year and then building up my emergency fund in a high interest savings account.


buy a lamborghini

jk, just save up


I’m saving all of mine and putting it towards getting a new motorbike :slight_smile:


Okay… Here is my list…

Pay off student loan

Build my dream home

Buy a DSLR

Get ready for a Bike ride

Yupe thats all :slight_smile: You must be wondering how am going to get all these with 5$ gigs right… Well am not in USA lol… :slight_smile: 5$ is 300 rupee in India… So if can manage to get around 10 gigs per day… am RICH :smiley:

Working the way up there… Will share my experiance to you all… :slight_smile:

Happy fiverring…


Well, the first thing I am going to do after my withdrawal is invest into my PC. I need 16GB RAM and dual monitors to improve my work flow (I have this set up at my work place and working home became dreadful somehow). We’ll see next.


Reply to @exilegraphics: Hey… All the best…

Can I say one thing? If you already have a min 4GB RAM then I suggest you to go for a graphics card instead of RAM… Dual monitor is an awesome investment…

Hope you have a good graphics tablet as well… But if you dont, I will suggest you to get that first… :slight_smile:

Just a small suggestion… You are free to make the choices lol … :smiley:


Well, I have a good graphics card but I need RAM because PS and AI eats almost all of my 4 GB. I’m multi-tasking almost all the time and I hate laggy PC’s.


Saving my money and thinking to buy a laptop + car and starting IT Training’s Institute…


Osman shahbaz




Buy some ram for my computer, a DSLR camera, and then save it up :slight_smile:


Pay a loan off, then save for more of a savings buffer, then help my kids out with school, and also save to buy a motorhome or camper so my husband and I can travel. It is ALL possible!


@inkbridge don’t forget you will get $4 ($1 Fee) so you will get 240.


will buy some PC and increase my team.


I’m going to keep the money from the postcards I send in my US account for when I visit family this summer – extra spending cash! :slight_smile:


Reply to @billykindell: aha , nice nice , even i bought a cell phone , paying college payments , and saving a part for my girlfriend’s health :slight_smile: and nearly planned for a motorbike


Cat food & bananas [-(


Reply to @mallika255: Yeah… I dont know about you, but 240 is plenty for me for an hour… :wink:


Pay the rent.


I offer a drone aerial service, so I purchase stuff to upgrade it.


I mostly plan on saving the extra money I earn from micro job sites to but toward a house, or at least have it to help make renovations.