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What do you put in your Buyer's Policy?

I want to do a Buyer’s Policy for my gigs, but I wanted to see what all people put on them to make sure I’m covering all my bases. This also goes for FAQ’s.

If it helps, my gigs are/will be based on beta reading, editing, creative writing.

I’m not sure what you mean by a Buyer’s Policy.

Buyer’s policy? What?

what policy?

Just add a perfect FAQ system on your gigs and cover all the questions that you faced usually and when working for the clients don’t go opposite your answers. Other wise buyer can send you a screen shot or can remind you your answers this will make you guilty.
So keep your answers in mind when you are working. If buyer goes opposite you can tell him that i have already answered clearly about this matter.

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I’ve seen people do policies, of what the seller should expect, what the buyer should expect, stuff about cancelling, etc. since you can’t write a lot in the description. It’s a pdf file, most of the time, or a video.

I answered it above.

I answered above.

I can do that, I guess. Thanks.

I have seen some of that, someone occasionally sends me the wrong type of file. I just like having a full complete file.

Create a PDF file with header Buyer’s Policy and upload it with your gigs at the place of pdf page.

Depending upon the service i think