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What do you put in your SEO TITLE box?


Besides your GIG TITLE, there is the SEO TITLE box. Is your GIG TITLE and SEO TITLE the same or do you use different words?

How about some of you that is killing it now. Let us know how you handle these two areas for your gigs.

Thanks in advance


I do wonder if the SEO Title is part of the new ranking? Not sure though.


Actually, the SEO title thing has been around for months. Many months – far longer than the recent algorithm changes. I’d bet that the SEO title thing is actually part of the OLD Fiverr algorithm. :wink:


This feature not only rank your gig in the Fiverr but all other search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc will crawl your Gig according to the keywords you use in your SEO Title box. This method boost your business impressions and clicks if someone search using the exact same keywords in the search engines.