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What do you put under personal website for new Seller?

Hi, I am creating my new seller profile, but it says

  • Please complete the following steps:
  • Add your personal website

I am not sure what to put there, I don’t have any sites for selling my services, I am freelancing online for the first time

Thank you!

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Check this out:

If you can’t skip the personal website part there is a Contact Us icon at the bottom of the article for further help if needed.

As for me… I use to put my Fiverr username in the space. For example:

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Well, i heard about some sellers putting their facebook profile link there…is it appropriate?

I put my YouTube channel! Anything that’s related to you works!

Hello everyone who came here!)
As an illustrator, I’ve put a link to my instagram there so that it would be some kind of my portfolio n stuff. I thought you could do the same - i mean adding a link to a place where some of your previous works are collected. That’s an additional way to show your competence to your potential client.
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