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What do you tell the client when you Deliver an Order?

I have a plenty of Quick Replies and templates for all of my gigs. However I’d want to ask you, what do you write to a client, when you deliver an order?

I am aware that many of them don’t know that they should accept the delivery and I always remind them to do so, if they are satisfied. Sometimes happens that they don’t leave a feedback even if they are rwally happy with the work. The client for my last order even left me a tip but didn’t leave me a feedback. Of course I am not gonna write them stuff like: “hey, if you are satisifed, share your thoughts” and I simply thanked them for the tip.

What do you think about this?


I wouldn’t advise suggesting anything along the lines of trying to receive feedback since it could be flagged down by Fiverr.

However, I do try and encourage the buyer to come back whenever they may be ready with a new order if they enjoyed your product / service!

A repeat buyer is way easier to retain in comparison to trying to net new clients.


I think some buyers are lazy. That’s why they don’t do complete the order or give their feedback. They don’t realize how important is this to us. Though in my delivery note I always ask them to mark the order completed if they are all good.

I am not against Fiverr’s rules for writing to the client that I would like to know what he thinks about the final result. Also I don’t think you need to encourage them to choose your services again. If they liked the result and they liked the way you worked, they always come back. 1/3 of me earning is from returning byers.