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What do you think about Fiverr Courses?

Hey Everybody How are you?
I just bought two courses from udemy where they teach how to make money on fiverr,and they guaranteed you will be Fiverr Beginner to Top Rated Seller,I also noticed a guy Name Core Frerra also Selling an ebook But When i enrolled with the courses I see thats totally waste of money

Let me know if anyone takes other course like me?

You don’t need to take courses to function nor work on fiverr. In fact, I’m surprised they allowed a course to be created that focused on the fiverr platform. Based on the course overview, a lot of the information presented can be found within the forums, blog posts, Fiverrcasts, the Academy along with the Support Center.

Outside of fiverr, YouTube has a wealth of videos talking about fiverr and how to go about the gig landscape without getting lost. Best advice, don’t sign up for any more courses especially paid ones. There’s a webinar coming up on how to get started, so check it out when its released.

yes I know But I just tasted those that wahts going on there

There are so many free or low-cost e-books, courses and on-Fiverr resources like the podcasts that I would recommend those first. Start right on Fiverr and then you can try Amazon or other sites for free/.99 books. You can read them on any computer or device. Some have been written by real Fiverr users too, not just fakes. (Awhile back I got one for free on Kindle Unlimited by @fastcopywriter who is a forum regular.)

That Corey person also came to the forum trying to sell his course, by the way. He got angry when accused of spam and he threatened multiple forum users with incredibly abusive language. He’s had at least 10 accounts banned.

Hahaha indeed

Can you suggest me some of ebook

Just put Fiverr in the search box on Amazon under the books category. You’ll find tons of them. Look for ones that have at least several good reviews that look real. (It’s kind of like looking for sellers here.) Plus, if you want to find the one I mentioned, you can search for fastcopywriter on Amazon and find that one.

I don’t know how much it costs if you don’t use Kindle Unlimited, but I do know it’s written by a real seller. I’m not promoting it specifically but those are the methods I used to find the ones I read. Some were good and some weren’t, but they are much cheaper than most online courses. I would be suspicious of any book that says it was written by a Fiverr seller but doesn’t have a Fiverr username that shows a success record.

Thank you for that

When reading these books do remember that what works for one seller may not work for you. There are some great sellers on here who’s methods I disagree with and would not work for me. It’s not that it is bad advice, it just wouldn’t work for me, how I like to work, the kind of clients I want etc. I would imagine that fastcopywriters book would be good as he is a TRS and always has lots of work (I remember another TRS saying it helped him). At the same time, I disagree with half of what he says on the Forum so it may not be great for me, who knows? (I also bought an ad copy writing gig from him once and I was blown away by the quality of his work!) Regardless of that, a book by a TRS will definitely have some useful advice in it, just don’t expect it to be a guarantee of success - you will still need to work hard and apply the advice you gain.

Yeah, I loved @fastcopywriter’s book.

@eoinfinnegan I agreed with your opinion cause every seller has different different methods and they do different different work so it is quite impossible to suit everyones idea