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What do you think about my book covers and kindle designs

Please i really need you guys to please tell me what you think about my work.

I will Like to get more useful tips so i will know how to improve my services.

Kindly check my gig and tell me what you think.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m still new here, but your stuff looks good to me. The best of look to you on here.

Thanks Dear

It looks nice, though you might want to double check some of your English for example in your title here for your profile


you need to get rid of the S in covers or the AN, it should be either



But your work is very nice. I see you just added a whole bunch of gigs, is that why you are here asking about your stuff? How long ago did you add everything? It looks like you had 3 main gigs but just added 6 more today.

Hello, Good day…

I do give time and plan on my gig before i set them up so i might just set up few.

Thanks Once again for stopping bye to give recommendations

They look great! But there are a few things that seem iffy to me.

A golden rule of graphic design is never use more than three fonts. You aren’t doing this, but I feel like your font choices don’t compliment each other.

That and I’m someone who judges a book by it’s cover, and (this is my personal preference) even with educational books, cluttered blocks are a huge turn off for me.

You don’t have to listen to me because I’m not an expert in graphic design and I can see you’re trying your hardest with the tools you have.

Are you kidding? You use my gig image? What designer are you, the one who can only stolen? I give you few hours remove my work from your page. If i see it again i will report you to fiverr support!!!

Reply to @vikiana:

Oh. Wow.