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What do you think about my Fiverr Gig® Image?

Howdy people!

What do you think about my Fiverr profile?
I mean my Gig images and profile picture.

:point_down: Let me know your thoughts down below in replies :point_down:


Your colors usage hurts my eyes.


That image is giving me seizure :open_mouth:

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Aah! Thanks for checking out my profile and giving the feedback, I really appreciate that :slight_smile:
I think I added high brightness and contrast on the images maybe that’s my the color hurts your eyes. :eye: :eyeglasses: :eyes:

You should remove your splash page design gig.

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Hi! Can you please give me a reason to remove my splash screen design gig? :thinking:

Change the colours please :slight_smile:

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It’s way too youtube-oriented/influenced. The design might work when creating a YouTube thumbnail with a <17 year old target in mind, but it certainly doesn’t help you in a platform like this one. I’d choose a more sober design, less contrast, better usage of space distribution to let the box breathe.

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It looks cool. Don’t change it.

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