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What do you think about my gig? Any tips?

Hello Fiverr People,

I am wondering if I need to change anything about my gig. I created it yesterday but no sales, so wondering how long it takes new gigs to get sales on average. Here it is :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome.

Hmmm, no sales in less than a day. I would say something is definitely wrong, but it’s easily fixed. Here’s how;

  1. The first Rule on Fiverr is Patience.
  2. It can weeks (and sometimes months) to start getting sale on Fiverr.
  3. Tweak and test your Gig Description and your Tags.
  4. See #1.


Also you Gig Description needs some help. Why waste valuable real estate telling Buyers you are “forced to give this gig at the low price of $5”. No one is forcing you. That’s what Fiverr is, something for $5.

And your offer is not clear and misleading.

Your Ttiles says;

"I will create a free premium website, WordPress hosting just 1 cent or penny for $5.

Your Description says;

“The host I will be installing it on has an offer for 1 penny/1 cent for hosting, so I will show you how to get that deal if you order. Normally this hosting costs $8, so this is A MEGA DEAL!”