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What do you think about my pixel art gig? (updated)


Hi, I’m new here, I wanted to know what do you think about my gig? if you have any suggestions for me it would be very useful :relaxed:
My gig

Thank you!!

Coliflornina await your opinions :wink:


Brilliant. I didn’t know pixelart was a thing. There are only 8 gigs that show for a search for pixelart, indicating a very small market, but very little competition.

Notice that the 2 best sellers in your category have by far the best gig images. Learn from that. Your cookie animation is clever, but it doesn’t look nearly as compelling (as a still image) as the category leaders.

In your best-selling gig, which for some reason does not show up in a search for pixelart, your title is “I will make a pixel art for you.” It should read “I will make pixel art for you.” I don’t know the rule in English that makes the article “a” go away for the noun “art,” but it’s just not right.

Best of success to you, and congratulations on finding an uncrowded corner of Fiverrland, and not being in the “I will remove your photo background” niche.


Hi selfors, you are right, Excellent suggestions for my gig, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge is very valuable, I will apply all your suggestions in my gig, keep it in mind, there are many things that I must learn and improve I know :sweat:
I love working in fiverr and creating pixel art is my passion, I would like to get more sales for in the future to be an excellent pixel art artist
Regards! and thanks for the support


Hi Selfors I Update my gig according to your advice, take a look :slightly_smiling_face:
Again, thanks you very much for your advice, I appreciate a lot it.
Mi pixel art Gig