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What do you think about my profile?


Hi people. I have been making some editions to my new profile at Fiverr and I want to know your thoughts:

Should I add more data and gigs? Or is it enough?


"How long will I be on Fiverr?

I want to start translating texts from Spanish to English (or from Spa to Eng,) and see If I am lucky. My intention is to rise and earn money here, offering good effort and ethical work."

“I am a boy who learned how to speak English really good”

"What will happen if you don´t like my tips?

If you did not like my content, comment it. However, I will try to do my best effort to advise you."

I can understand your English and I think you have a good conversational grasp of English but I don’t think it’s in the professional level like you advertised.

Sellers on Fiverr don’t need to be excellent in English but if the services you offer involve English and you claim to be professional, you’ll have to really show the skills for that, otherwise buyers will probably not order from you.

Also, I think you were given feedback the last time you advertised your gigs.