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What Do You Think about the New Beta Feature of Fiverr?

Hey guys!

Do you like the new beta feature of fiverr? I didn’t receive any order since 12 days. I know most of the sellers, who permanently work in here, didn’t get orders.
So, please comment of your idea, below.


i dont even have the feature yet…

Not only you, I’m TRS facing the problem, I’m not getting new orders for 12 days!
I believe something wrong with fiverr, my gig appeared on the search front page, in a good price, provide high quality works, attractive cover, but still no sales.

I tried everything I can to improves my gig but I doubt it’s not in case this time. It should be something to do with Fiverr marketing, lack of new buyers shopping in the marketplace?

This is struggeling.

I’m also in the same situation as you.

Did you get new orders these days?