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What do you think about these marketing strategies?

I am going to create a Youtube channel and make regular videos to promote my Gigs. In my opinion, people don´t search Blogs anymore and they like watching videos.


Who’s your target audience? Who will buy your service?
Would they go to YouTube to look for your service or would they rather watch cat videos there?

For example, my buyers don’t go to YouTube to look for my service.
They either go to a freelancing site such as Fiverr because they can’t afford to hire an agency.
Or they ask around from friends and family if they know a good freelancer.

So, this brings me to the initial question. Who’s your target audience and how do they look for a service provider like you.


Thanks for your answer.

I am providing two services in the same category:

  1. Translations from Spanish to English or vice versa
  2. I know some tips for marketing, specially for positioning videos and i published a gig about it.

I checked your gigs, but the question is who needs these services? Who is your ideal customer?
Would it be a blogger who mainly writes in English, but needs their content translated into Spanish as they also have readers in Spain?
Would it be a eCommerce site owner who needs to sell their products to audience who mainly speaks Spanish?

You should first figure that out and then you know where they would go to look for you.


People speaking in English needing help with Spanish texts and anyone that requires some tips for Online marketing.

I believe that I should create more gigs in the Writing category, but i am not sure about doing it,

That’s not specific enough. It’s like owning a restaurant and trying serve everyone who needs to eat :slight_smile:
Why do you think there are Chinese, Italian and Thai restaurants? They are all in food business but they cater to a very specific target audience.

Take a look around in Fiverr.

  • There are gigs that offer translation for Amazon products
  • There are gigs specifically for book translation

Of course there are gigs that offer to translate anything, but there’s way too much competition and their prices are already very low so it’s difficult to enter as a new seller.
This is marketing ABC. If the market is overcrowded then create your own space. Focus on a niche.

PS. I wouldn’t recommend Spanish -> English. Your grammar has to be perfect.
If your Spanish is perfect then stick to English -> Spanish. Otherwise you might get a low rating and your profile will be ruined.


What do you think about creating a Wordpress blog to share my Gigs there?

You are right, I should focus on a specific niche, but it has to be a requested one.

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If you wish to write blog posts and use those as part of your portfolio then go ahead, but it would take months to get any genuine traffic to that blog through Google search. You may try paid ads and what not, but I’m guessing most people who need a quick & affordable translation will go to a freelancing site such as Fiverr and you’re already here :slight_smile:

For simple blogging I wouldn’t recommend WordPress. It’s too high maintenance and there are recurring costs which most people don’t realize. Instead you can use free blogging platforms. I believe Fiverr even allows posting links on your profile. You’re not allowed to mention your own domains in your gig description.

Regarding finding a niche, do a search in Fiverr. Try to think what kind of keywords would a buyer use and what kind of content they need translated. Optimize your gigs accordingly and stay active off Fiverr to build up your authority.
If you get stuck or don’t know how to do a market research then there are plenty of sellers on Fiverr who are specialized in market research :wink: Sometimes it takes money to make money.

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One user has written that we should use Youtube for promoting our gigs. However, I am not sure about uploading videos about my services regularly.

Nowadays, written Blogs like Blogger, Wix, Wordpress have a poor SEO and Youtube far overcome them.

I don´t need to pay someone to explain me market strategies because I have researched about it on the Internet and I have knowledge about SEO using Youtube and Blogs. Nevertheless, I am not used to working on Fiverr, so maybe I should try what you are talking about, staying active in this forum, helping and interacting with users.

What do you think about creating the maximum number of Gigs in the same category? Is it a good idea or not? Fiverr allows me to create five gigs only.

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It depends on your target audience. If I was offering intro videos for companies then of course I would upload my work to YouTube. I can even post those links to my profile.
But you need to ask, would your customer go to YouTube to find your service? Maybe they do.

I agree, but your goal wouldn’t be getting volume through those. The purpose is to show the posts you’ve written then it serves the purpose. Of course you can upload PDFs to your portfolio, but you can’t add your own domains. For some reason Fiverr only allows URLs such as Blogspot.

As long as every gig has a purpose and unique value you’ll be OK. Otherwise if all the gigs sell exactly the same service then you’re competing with yourself. Marketing :wink:

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The first part of your initial post said:

What made you change your mind?

You are suggesting me that I should use Blogspot to show customers my talents about translating texts from Spanish to English or vice versa only, not for posting my gigs.

Youtube has got a lot of topics and many people use it to promote their different services. What do you think about Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook groups?

I am not offering the same services, but they are similar. In the first gig, I am publishing a service about translation. In the second one, some tips for marketing and SEO on Youtube and some platforms. However, I think that I can find my target people in the Writing category.

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Look, you’re asking advice about various social media platforms, yet you’re planning to offer marketing tips for others.

If you’re confident that people who need a Spanish translation go to YouTube then promote your service on YouTube. You should know your audience better than us.

The best advice I can give you is to figure out who’s your target audience and where they would look for your service. You haven’t done this, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking where you should promote your gigs.