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What do you think about this Buyer's attitude?

Hi folks
Recently I had an order with a buyer. He was one of the repeating buyers. I provided him with some programming related articles for his blog. Each order was having a package of 8 articles and he wanted me to send them one by one for checking. After I sent him the 2nd articles, he checked it with a plagiarism detector and says I have plagiarised the content. Below image is sent by the buyer.

As you can see the line highlighted with purple color(The aim of the article is to find the)was the line that he says I copied. Do you think that I need to copy that kind of sentence from somebody? I explained to him it can be a coincidence. But he was criticizing me that I copied the content and immediately wanted a cancellation. Ultimately I had to cancel the order. Do you think its fair in a case which I haven’t actually copied?


You shouldn’t have cancelled. It’s only 3% and it’s obvious that it’s a generic part of a sentence, not even a full sentense. I think he just wanted to get this content that you created for free.

Never cancel orders when the work was done according to your gig description.


But he was so arrogant and I felt like, even I complete the order and deliver to him, he might put a bad review on me. He was not even caring what I said to him. He just said I don’t need your service anymore. Cancel the order.

It was a coincidence.

Chances are that the buyer is perfectly aware that “How to solve any Linear Equation in One Variable using C++” has nothing to do with “Karl von den Steinen’s Analysis of the Brazilian Indian’s Mind and Worldview Reconstructed” by Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff.


You need to learn how to stand up for yourself.


With that reason for demanding a cancellation, I say good riddance.


You shouldn’t have canceled the order. As a professional, you should be able to defend your work at all times and as a person you should refuse to be bullied.


You shouldn’t agree to this. Every buyer I have had who requests that work is delivered in stages, has found some excuse to attempt to cancel midway.

As for the plagiarism issue, your buyer is either the world’s lowest scoring Mensa candidate or they are purposefully trying to scam you. What you should do in this situation is explain that this is a false positive plagiarism result and point out that 3% is well below a 15% score which is still considered acceptable legally and academically.

If your buyer still wants to argue, you can edit the line in question. Really, though, there isn’t an issue here and your buyer likely knows it.


Thank you all for your advice. As a new freelancer, I would follow the steps in the future

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