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What do you think about this demand for a 5 star review?


I have just bought a gig and when the seller (Top Rated Seller) delivered he sent me this message:

Could you please support me with a 5 stars positive review?

Is it allowed to ask a review this way ?


Sellers are allowed to request for reviews.

For example kindly review the order. I don’t think they are allowed to request for a certain score. That will be against the TOS.


No that is not allowed. They can say, please remember to leave feedback, I’d appreciate it. Or at very least say, If you are happy about the work, please leave positve feedback. You cant ask for a specific rating.


Should I report this to CS ?


Yes! You should report to the CS! And a top rated seller should know the TOS.


A TRS begging for a 5 star?? That’s… sad. And pathetic I guess.
Personally I won’t report the seller, I’ll just message the buyer telling them why he/she didn’t get a 5 star , and also remind them that they cannot ask for a specific rating.


I’ve never had a TRS ask for 5 :star: before. They should know better.

I absolutely cringe every time a seller ask me for review. :roll_eyes: Annoying.


Personally, I think you should send them a message warning them that it is against the TOS and next time they will be reported.

They know the rules but it seems the January 15 evaluation has got some people desperate for reviews.

When sellers spam me via the inbox. Most times I just tell them it is not right (some are level 2 and TRS)

I have only reported very few. I hate to be the reason for anyone’'s downfall on fiverr but they should know better


Maybe the seller is new, and deserves a chance to do better. Though then again, why is he TRS if he’s new?

So it would be nice of you to contact him and let him know that it’s not allowed to do so.

I too purchased a service from a very popular TRS, that at that time, and possibly still is, sitting at the very top position. He too asked me to give a 5 star rating. But then some hours from that point on he sent an another message that was identical, but didn’t have the 5 star request in it. So perhaps it was a mistake of some sort. I however just pretended I didn’t even see the whole request, as it’s not my business.


He isn’t new. The seller is on Fiverr since the begining of the year 2014.

The rating on his profil is 5.0.
He has 2 gigs :

  • The first with more than 1000 reviews (rated 5.0)
  • The second with more than 2000 reviews (rated 5.0)
    When I filter “Negative reviews” there are only 12 bad reviews.

I really don’t understand why he asks 5 stars whereas it’s forbidden !
He has already proven that he his a very good seller here.


Really? Like even if they just say leave a review without telling you which kind of review?
@carineb to stay relevant you still need reviews. The grind never stops even after you become a TRS. It might be that he’s just unaware of it. For those that don’t visit the forum that’s a pretty common thing. The TOS can be rather vague about what counts as review manipulation. I won’t report the seller though just send them a message stating that it’s against TOS to specifically ask for positive reviews.


Yeah, maybe he doesn’t know. But what to do, everyone likes a display of righteous indignation.


I know he still needs reviews even if he is a top rated seller but I think that all of us (you, him, me…) know that most of the buyers leave reviews even when you don’t ask them!

I was a bit disturbed and was not sure anymore of what was permitted or not.
I had in mind what I had already read on this forum and on the other hand I was convinced that what a TRS does is correct!

It’s a bit confusing for other members of fiverr…
Sellers who buy his service can think that they can copy the behaviour of a TRS.
And buyers understand that a 5 star is really important even for a TRS. I understand why some buyers try to blackmail sellers when they read such message from a TRS…


Why not just give him the benefit of the doubt - send him a nice message explaining that perhaps he didn’t realise that sellers shouldn’t ask for 5 star reviews?

You could quote the relevant part of the ToS so it’s really clear.

You never know - he might be really grateful for your help! :sunny:


I am not here to fight with other sellers or to destroy his TRS status. He did a great job, he has very nice reviews, I think he deserves 5 stars… But that’s really disturbing… and may be dangerous for him if someone contact the CS (and for me because I was about to write the same message in my next deliveries !)

A few minutes ago I was reading the ToS (paragraph : review) and didn’t find anything about asking a specific review. Where is it written ? I know my english is far from being perfect but I have the feeling that I understand what is written here:

Feedback reviews provided by buyers while completing an order are an essential part of Fiverr’s rating system. Reviews demonstrate the buyer’s overall experience with the sellers and their service. Buyers are encouraged to communicate to the seller any concerns experienced during their active order in regards to the service provided by the seller.
Leaving a buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations to our Terms of Service.
To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.
Feedback comments given by buyers are publicly displayed on a seller’s Gig page. Buyers have the option not to include a comment, but still rate the service. Cancellation of an order does not remove feedback unless mutually agreed.
Work Samples are the delivered images and videos sent to a buyer in a delivery message. Work Samples are added to a seller’s Live Portfolio on their Gig page if the buyer chooses to publish the Work Sample while providing a public feedback review.
Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the Gig’s service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.
Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review (or 14 days for Gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the response period, the order will be considered completed.
Users are allowed to leave reviews on orders up to 30 days after an order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an order after 30 days.
Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their buyers through mutual cancellations.


Exactly our point, it was revealed by contact Customer Support which is why it’s understandable the TRS doesn’t know about it. Let’s not crucify people the first chance we get. Ok? In the end, the choice is yours but go easy on the seller if his work lived up to your expectations. Just tell him it’s against TOS first and see how the seller responds. ok?


Taken from here:

Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.

Just mention it nicely to your seller if it’s bothering you as much as it seems to be.


Fiverr already prompts buyers to leave a review. Twice, I think. I guess it can be really annoying if the seller then asks for a review, too, especially if someone buys often.


This might help too:


That seems to me a bit strange to see “Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.” in the help center whereas Fiverr doesn’t write anything in the ToS !

Thank you all for your help and advice.