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What do you think about this possible NEW feature added?


Hello, Fiverr Community! This is my 1st topic ever, so I’m really sorry if It didn’t fit in the right category.

Ok, so most of the sellers had once a hard time with a buyer, and vice-versa. The good thing is that buyers have the option to rate your performance that is really great. The downside is (for sellers) you can rate it back, but you rate your experience on your own gig and this is kind of useless.
Wouldn’t be great if Fiverr implements a Buyer’s page with his OWN rates as any seller has? I mean this way you know from the beginning if a buyer is a toxic one or not, based on his rates, right? So in this way, we (sellers) can rate the experience back on the buyer’s page and the buyer can rate his experience with us on the gig page, and everyone knows what to expect from each other. What do you think about this?


Dear David:

That’s a great idea, previously discussed:

Good luck,


Oh, I’m sorry if I did duplicate somehow the topic, this wasn’t my intention (since I’m new here I really don’t know how the entire forum works, to check for duplicate topics) but I’m glad someone else thinks about it in the same way. Thank you for the heads up, and I will definitely check that topic right now!



I finally realized something, a buyer doesn’t have any hard time when purchasing. Lets say I am a buyer and you say I don’t communicate well or maybe say I stole your money after you delivered, what’s stopping me from deleting that account and creating another dummy account, then come to you again and buy again? As for sellers starting off and getting the first sale can be a bit hectic and simply closing your account after a bad review is not something to consider.


Hello phantompower. Yes, you are correct and I think for a 1-time buyer this is a useless feature and also for scammers, but I think it should help us to see the buyer’s history and his rates (and I’m talking here about the old and interested buyers). I mean you can’t dodge a negative rate from a One-time buyer (hit and run) but it would be a plus to see the background of an old buyer and I think in this way you know what to expect by his side when you start the project at least.You have a little bit more info about him, with those rates on his profile, and I really think it could improve the system a bit. I don’t say it will eradicate all the problems from now on, but it would be a plus, in my opinion at least.



Yeah, this is a perfect idea!


Also, think about at all other freelancing websites. All of them or most of them has his feature implemented, and I really don’t think this will affect the buyer’s decision to buy on the platform or not. I mean, I don’t think this is a dealbreaker for Fiverr, and I think this will be a plus in the end for both sellers and buyers. :wink: