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What do YOU think about this potential WIN-WIN solution?


I have a friend who was wondering…

Many Buyer’s know that Seller’s are in fear of receiving a higher cancellation rate.
So, some Buyers are trying to take advantage of Sellers. Slimy Buyers.
Slimy Buyers are placing orders that ask for way more than what the gig scope is.
Those Slimy Buyers think they can leverage this fear and disadvantage to get what they want for less.
Not all Buyers. Just Slimy Buyers. Surprisingly, many have a gold crown next to their name…

Over the last few weeks I’ve read post after post where these Slimy Buyers place an order,
ask for more or don’t want to pay for commercial rights,
then threaten to cancel the order and impact the Seller’s rate if the Seller doesn’t deliver.

Now, perhaps in some cases the Buyer didn’t understand or it’s just plane ignorant. (Or not.)

What do you think if there was an Order Cancellation Option that states


“Buyer was unaware of the total cost to bring their concept to fruition, and is unwilling to pay for the add-ons the Seller has outlined, therefore, by Budgetary Mutual Cancellation neither party will be negatively impacted by this order cancellation. No hard feelings.”


A friend is asking. :wink:


yes “plane ignorant” :grin:


Interesting, when I get buyers like that, what I do is quoting the ToS, in the case when they ask for more than what was included in the package that they purchased. In the meanwhile, I also report them to customer support, so they can get a warning that they breached the terms. It works like a charm.

I had a buyer that kept asking for modifications, so I can send him an extra version of the banner, then he asked for the source files. I quoted him this part of the ToS:

Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.

Because that’s the most common situation that I have, with annoying buyers. I guess you had similar issues?


Hi gig_freak,

Thanks for your note! That is a great idea – to C&P the ToS when a Buyer requests modifications after delivery. I’ve not yet had a situation where a Buyer asked for modifications after delivery without asking how much it would cost to make the revisions or additions. I’m fortunate in that regard!

This WIN-WIN I outline above would take place after a Buyer has placed an order and before any work has commenced. For instance, when I receive an order, I type up every scope detail. There is back and forth until the both of us are crystal clear and aligned on the end deliverable. Most Buyers understand what their options are, and select the add-ons that work for them.

Recently, a Buyer placed an order for a set gig amount, and then requested scope far beyond what the gig explicitly offers. Upon receiving my detailed options of how they could proceed, they begged me to do some work for free. I’m very friendly, and kindly listed out the options with the cost. They were not happy and threatened that my completion rating would be hurt if they cancelled the order. How did they know I would be concerned about that, and could it be they were trying to pressure me to do work for free? Hmmm…

So what I’m suggesting is a win-win scenario. The Buyer or Seller cancels as a “no fault” simply because the Buyer does not wish to pay because it isn’t in their budget. It seems to me with the barrage of cancellation rating complaints that this would be a viable solution. And without either being penalized.

What do you think?


Exactly, that has been discussed in a couple of threads. Also, it’s been discussed in the St. Levels Day threads. That option would be phenomenal. Also, if I were in your shoes, I would have definitely reported this client.


Thanks! I think it’d be phenomenal as well. I’ve seen the idea in a few different places, so I thought I’d formally start a thread. And I did report this to CS to which I received the standard response:

We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated.


The problem is that as soon as there is a way to make cancellations not affect stats, people will start trying to abuse it. It used to be possible to cancel orders even after completion but people abused it to get negative reviews removed. If we are simply given a choice of boxes to tick, one or two of which have no effect on the completion rate, then people will only use those boxes regardless of the reason.
While your idea sounds good, unfortunately it is not that simple.

When it comes to being frustrated about having buyers try to manipulate things like this, I suggest you put the blame on the buyer involved and perhaps the sellers who manipulate reviews and stats whenever they can. They are the real cause of the issue.


I do the same thing!


Hi eoinfinnegan, You are right, there’s always potential abuse every step of the way.

What if, when this box is checked, it then goes to CS for review? That way it keeps everyone honest and the Budgetary Mutual Cancellation gets a stamp of approval from CS since it will be obvious from the interaction.

As you’ve read, there are so many CS tickets opened about this that it wouldn’t raise the number. Thanks!


I think most people now know that all cancellations count so anyone who is still sending tickets is seriously wasting CS time (and that of people who have to wait for CS to respond to things that are not already decided).
CS needing to check and review every cancellation would add to their job on an ongoing basis - very different from the short term bump in tickets after the level evaluations.

Don’t get me wrong, I want a solution too - and everything I hear from CS is that there will be one - but we have to be realistic about what can be done.


I hear you, eoinfinnegan!

I think it depends on the person’s perspective whether or not the time is being wasted. Being sensitive to the Sellers, and especially to their livelihood, everyone should speak their truth and be heard. This particular issue directly impacts the success of a Seller and resulting sales.

It sounds like we all are standing together to arrive at a solution, Fiverr, Sellers and Buyers. And I know that a solution is forthcoming. I’m adding to the conversation, and I thank you so much for your valuable input! :star_struck:


But if it is decided and finalized that “all cancellations will affect completion rate” then submitting a ticket asking for an exception or consideration is a waste of time for both parties!

I’m sure a solution of some kind will be found - perhaps something like cancellations are checked as you suggested but any seller who attempts to mislead CS then has the option taken away for a month or two.


I agree! I’m sure a new solution will be found to the “all cancellations affect the completion rate” issue.

Meanwhile, until something changes CS will continue to be under siege with Seller tickets about this.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea spurred by your idea about abuse. If CS finds it necessary, the support team reviews just those particular Budgetary Cancellations to ensure that is the cause. That way Sellers don’t feel they are penalized unjustly. And that means more gigs, and that means more money for Fiverr!

Cheers to Happy Sellers! :money_mouth_face::green_heart::dollar::moneybag::trophy:


Not sure if your friend will be any the wiser … but you can pass it on.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great advice… this should be a main category topic