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What do You think about top rated level in Your category


Hello Guys
I Am Fiverr user since 2011
I think that fiverr must remove top rated seller privilegies.
Hm lets consider, I am trying to imrpove My gigs day by day over 6 years here. Just logging thousands of time on fiverr and see top rated sellers on 1st page with more then 200 orders queue.
I think this is not fair, Because that someone from Fiverr team thinks that some gigs are great they are giving about 80% of Fiverr orders to them.

Lets consider the second part.
I am an SEO expert, REAL EXPERT and I hate to heard these words from others already because 70% on fiverr are SEO experts.
I can provide proof that 90% of top rated sellers in SEO category are DANGEROUS! They are using spammy liinks. They are using their private domains in descriptions, reported 100 times but I don’t see any action from Fiverrs team. They are making just money.
This is why Fiverr have bad reputation.
80% of sales are top rated spamers from here. So
What do You think about it?
I think that Fiverr must have professionals in team and they must check quality and services of sellers too. Because someone who is providing 2000000 1 click spammy software links cant be SEO expert and this is black hat SEO

This example is just to let You know 2 thins I see here

  1. Fiverrs Top Rated Level is unfair!
  2. Most of gigs and most of Top Rated gigs are promoted to Top Rated Blindly. I don’t know what Fiverr team thinks. They have some private interest I think or they have no even 1 SEO professional in team that I know in My category.

Just guys I am very disappointed. I have enough sales just telling this because someone maybe thinks that I am jealousy. But this is just unfair for me.


It’s that 80-20 rule for Fiverr!
Top 20% gets them the 80% of total revenue that they earn - so, Fiverr must be ‘looking after’ them more than us!

I guess it is fair for a group who’s concerned more about the money they earn!