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What do you think? Any suggestions?

Hi guys - I’d appreciate a quick look see of my current gigs and let me know your thoughts and suggestions for improvement.

Just started out last month, but really knuckling down and reading more around the forum to see what I can implement to get more exposure.

Any advice appreciated.


Maybe change the “starting from $5” bit in the gig image for the proofreading and editing gig since the default is 1000 words for $10 and it doesn’t say how you can get it for $5 (unless maybe you mean they can get a custom offer if it’s less words).

I’d also add some more tags for that gig.


I agree. If I were a buyer, I might click away from the OP’s gig because of that. It kind of looks like lack of attention to detail. It may not be, but that’s the impression I think I’d get from it initially.

Leeshmalls, can you make your text more parallel by using the same punctuation marks to introduce lists?

Also, the colon on the eighth line has a space before it, which needs to be removed.

Aside from these fairly small issues, your gig looks pretty solid. :slight_smile:


I agree with these two I would click off. Like ahmwritingco said even though it might not lack attention to detail it looks like it does.


Thanks guys - I’ve been having trouble with the pricing and am offering services for $5 dollars but it’s not currently being reflected correctly you’re right.

I’ll take a look at the text too. Thanks for your input!

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