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**what do you think guys**

Hey guys, I just posted my first Gig !

Any suggestions please ? and how I get intersted personnes on my gig?

Thank’s guys

Change you post heading :stuck_out_tongue:

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any suggestion plz ?

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Looks good except you need to look at some of the grammar and spelling mistakes.
Also on your tag you misspelled WordPress.
Other than that I thought it looked Good.

Good Luck :heart: :heart::heart:

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thank’s for your advice <3

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  1. As Laura said, you need to correct your grammar mistakes. You’re one letter away from insulting your buyers :stuck_out_tongue:

For this Gig I will make you smill and make your visiters happy and confident on your web site

  1. Do you really wish to say this on your profile? It’s basically an open invitation for scammers.

I’am here for HELPING and not for money So my work will be with a verry low price =)

  1. You’re posting your gig under Wireframe UX category, but I don’t think you’re offering Wireframes.

  2. You’re giving promises you might not be able to keep. Focus on one CMS at the beginning.

I will Redesign your web site theme ( for any CMS and Standard)

  1. Last but not least, your gig description is too generic. It doesn’t explain why buyers should hire you.

I hope this helps.

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you really helped me bro , Thank you :heart_eyes: