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What do you think how many people will lose Level 1 and Level 2?


As for Level 1 - 400$ is important and for Level 2 - 2000$ so I guess there will be huge loss in Level rank as per new rules. What are your thought?


No one knows right now.


Yeah, many sellers will lose their level.


My anticipation is - Level 1, Level 2 and TRS numbers will get a bit more even-ed out, but the basic Seller numbers will swell big time (with the requirement of uniform low cancellation rate).

But who knows? Fiverr staff informed the qualifications were fixed after analyzing the numbers… so the splits could be sane.


I’m gonna stay silent and watch the fun on the forum on Jan 15 with :popcorn: I’m probably gonna go down too, but that’s fine. 4 years of non-stop work on a freelance platform is more than enough, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere and start over. Of course, I will still be doing orders here as long as I get them, but will start looking at other ways of spending my time and earning an online income. First I will take an extended break from all online work for 6 months after Jan 15, join a gym and work hard on my fitness and read lots of books. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, maybe this is the time for it. Anyway, I have made as much here in 4 years as most Indian employees make in a lifetime and saved all of it. Time to enjoy that. Can’t just keep working.

[And till then, back to my articles :slight_smile: 9 done, 11 left today, it’s 2:45 pm…a typical day in the life of Writer]


I don’t think you are gonna drop but you know better being calculated money from your review with lowest price :stuck_out_tongue: you are not that much far but you know better of your profile.

However yes may be life giving you chance to enjoy :smiley: That is why Fiverr did this.


Clients are placing orders despite 29 days delivery time. You have a looooooong way to go down, if ever.


To be honest, I am very tired, need an extended break real bad.


Yes eventually people will lose ranking and leave platform. Thats exactly the goals of new policy to slowly reduce the volume of low earning sellers and consolidating fiverr as professional forum rather for amateurs. All the new KPI’s are in pursuit of this initiative. However its clearly evident that fiverr current flows doesnt compliment its new policies so major changes are expected.


Very odd business move! Fiverr makes more money, as does the seller, when they can have gig extras up. And that’s not possible without levels, I recall.

So if a lot of sellers lose their levels, Fiverr makes a lot less money.

But I believe those requirements are only for gaining levels, and you don’t lose levels ever. Except if you gain 2 warnings in a month, or something like that. Would’t make any sense otherwise.

Edit: Nevermind. I just took a look at the news post: “see the standards you need to keep in order to maintain your current level”. That’s so odd!


You’ve been saying this for over a year now.

Why don’t you pause your gigs, complete what you have and go on a month long vacation? Didn’t you mention revamping your gigs once?


My level will be demoted as well, because my response rate is 83% at the moment. I did have a good response rate, but since I am also a buyer in fiverr, and often get messages from seller whom I ignore sometimes if I feel like they are not suitable for the job, my response rate was reduced. This is really bad for people who are both buyers and sellers. Now there is no way to improve the response rate unless I get new messages from someone. According to fiverr help, the seller has to reply to inquiries within 24 hours to track the progress.


I’ll definitely lose mine at some point. My orders completed was almost perfect until last week and a recent spate of impossible to negotiate cancellations. One (really cool buyer who I am loving working with to be fair) placed 3 orders because they didn’t know if it was going through. That’s two new cancellations which I can’t avoid and which have dented my ranking.

I can, of course, recover from this by Jan 15th. With these problems and the inherent bugs in the system, though, it’s simply a certainty that the majority of sellers will be demoted at some point. All it takes is the response rate bug to hit on Jan 14th while you are away from your computer and you are going to be demoted the next day.

Fix these issues and I’m actually in favour of the new system. Deploy it without fixing anything and your basically proving you have absolutely no respect for any of your sellers.


It’s like an addiction or being in a relationship, I suppose…Fiverr and me…


hi, "Next evaluation: Jan 15, 2018. so every 60 days doing this evaluation ?? i mean after Jan 15, 2018, again Mar 15, 2018 ??

OT for Writer

You live in an amazing, beautiful country, so much to see and do. One of my goal is to make it to India and go see tigers in the wild as well as Asiatic Lions. I heard sunsets are truly work of art with beautiful colors in the horizon. Why don’t you live a little, my friend. You said so yourself, 5r is not your life.


Yes, even spam messages get counted for that either you mark them or the are already marked as spam. Situation gets worst if they already marked. I read that you can set auto reply but i havent found the option to set.


Yes…every month…