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What do you think I could change to get more clicks?

About two months have passed sinced I created my gig and I haven’t witnessed enough traffic driven to it. I see that my gig has a lot of impressions but not enough clicks (let alone orders). What can I do to improve my gig in order to get more clicks, messages and orders?



Hello, I think that your field is a very specific niche, so doesn’t attract too many visitors. About your logos, I like them. But there are few people needing it, probably.


This gig is actually my best performing one out of the 4 that i have. The others are less specific and i think that’s why i have less impressions and clicks in them. If you want you can take a look at those too through my profile but I am not confident that this is the reason people aren’t buying. Your opinion is much appreciated!


I don’t think your gig is the problem. You just have A LOT of competitors on Fiverr, so it may be harder for you to get orders. I think that the fact your gig is specific actually help you stand out from all to other generic logo gig.

One advice tho, I would remove the unlimited revision option. Bad Buyers tend to abuse the unlimited revision, and Fiverr take it quite literally. So if someone abuse it, the CS may not be able to help you.

Also are you sure about the one day delivery? It’s not really a problem, but this is an international website, so Buyers could place an order in the middle of the night and you’d loose precious time to work on your logo.

I was having second thoughts about the unlimited revisions as well but I need to do some things that will help me stand out from the crowd, so i don’t know. About the one day delivery, i don’t think this will be a problem because i can work well under pressure. I have tested this with other clients outside of fiverr and it worked just fine.

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you are right this is very specific so need to social media marketing

I am trying on instagram but I am struggling because I have no reviews.

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You can try LinkedIn. And Try Pinterest. If you want to organic visitor then try to SEO your gig

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