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What do you think is wrong with my gig?

Ok, a number of posts are starting to talk about gigs disappearing from the search and one poster has now been told that his gig isn’t appearing due to a third party copyright issue. In this case, before I contact Fiverr to see what the low down might be on why one of my gigs isn’t listed on Fiverr (but is active) could someone please tell me what THEY THINK the issue might be?

Here’s the gig:

Now, I am guessing that a potential problem might be a political correctness issue with my use of the word ‘Badass’ and/or the end scene in my gig video. Personally, I find this a bit silly since I have been having the most success with this video style off-Fiverr for a while now. But tell me what you think.

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It could be any number of things and I doubt its the issues you mentioned above; especially when you think back to the first doer campaign that was launched. My guess is they’re implementing something in the background that’s throwing the search off as I’ve just searched for your gig using the keywords and price range the gig highlights. Be it relevant, best selling or new the results were pretty much the same; new being the exception as it only had one page while the other two had 4-pages.

It’s difficult to tell at this point as news about anything these days is almost always after it gets implemented so we’ll just have to wait and see what they say.

I am roo. I am new here. Why is this post listed as one of your top links, when in fact, this post leads me to a link that no longer exists?


Thank you.

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