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What do you think of "Filter By" Changes?

Whenever I would search something on Fiverr, I remember having three taps you could click. Recommended, High Rating, and other tab.

Now with the Filter By we have to click and then choose: Relevance, Avg. Customer Review, Newest Arrivals.

How has that affected you? Have your sales gone down since this implementation? If your a new seller, have your sales gone up?

I have recommended, high rating, and new in my category. I looked at your first 3 gigs and they have that too. What categories is this in?

I wasn’t able to upload a picture. But I no longer see the tabs you speak off, I only see filter by what I said before.

In all categories? I thought maybe it was my browser so I tried viewing the site in incognito mode but still it was the same old categories. You can post a picture using the html code < img src = " your image file URL " > (without the spaces)
I set up a free account at Image Shack. It was fast and easy to do to upload the images to. It will then tell you the URL of the image.

I mean, I wasn’t able to upload a picture in the forum, to show my issue. I searched two different categories, and the results are the same.

The upload button doesn’t work but you can post a picture the way I said. Just write in what I put. Take a screenshot of it, upload the picture to Image Shack free hosting service, get the URL and put it inside the code I put. It’s easy. Write this in the reply window:
< img src = ” your image file URL ” >

Anyway I wonder why I don’t see what you see.