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What Do You Think Of My Gig?

I’d really like to know what do you think of my gig

Hourly Data Analytics and Reports Service

I used a new concept of work, I think it is better for both sides since you always pay a fair amount and get fair work.

I don’t need to include any extras in the basic gig amount such as included revisions. Sometimes you don’t need revisions, so why should you pay for it in the included price?? You only pay for them if you need them.

Do you think the title represents the gig at it’s best? Is the description understandable? Too long? Are the prices fair?

So be as honest as possible, and tell me if I’m missing anything or including too much in the page.

Of course if you want to order, go ahead, I guarantee you an awesome service! Money-back guarantee! (:

I think you provided good amount of information in your gig, it’s clear and easy to understand what kind of service you provide, I can just wish you best of luck and many sales!:slight_smile:

Reply to @lennadesigns: Thank you very much, I appreciate that :slight_smile: