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What do you think of my new Gig's video?


What do you guys think of my gigs?

In particular i would like to know what you guys think of my new promotional video?

Any tips, comments or criticism is appreciated.


The audio sounds great and the feel of the video is very professional! I would definitely purchase from you if I needed such service.

However, focusing on the more promotional aspect to it, perhaps the video could contain more interactive stuff (like previous work or packages or just dynamic movement) since it is just your company logo that is shown all throughout?

But if I was a buyer and needed such service, I wouldn’t really mind the video not containing more interactive stuff as I the feel of the whole gig already comes off as a professional.

Hope you get my point? Hehe, but I wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:


HI, Im dancer Lily on fiverr , Im doing well with my sell so far , at least I’m satisfied with my sales.:微笑:

When I check your gigs , to be honest , all I can see only expansive price , but you haven’t really show anything that can make buyer interesting to your gigs , you have to show something more professional ,Show some of the cases you’ve made. Not only your language performance with a simple Logo image , there is no any attraction . also try to make some gigs with not so expansive price to get some good reviews , Some good feedback can give new buyers a sense of trust in your service.

Any way , all the best for you ! :微笑:微笑:


well its good. you have a chance of getting orders


Thank you theratypist. You make some very good points which i will definitely take into consideration. I guess with the video i was trying to pull off a professional, minimalistic approach.

But i will have a play around with creating a more interactive video. I just wasn’t sure if the potential client would want to read text on the screen at the same time as listening to audio. But as said will have a play around and see what i can come up with.

Best of luck to you and your gig’s :slight_smile: