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What do you think of my username?

What do you think of my username?

Do you think it fits me or no?

Good or Bad Comments
Good I am a large source of information so I think it fits. I don't know what you people think.
Bad Its not the best username as there are many people who won’t buy your service thinking you’re are a bot

Its not the best username as there are many people who won’t buy your service thinking you’re are a bot


I agree with @sarim147 people come on this platform to buy gigs from humans.
They are more willing to trust you (and thus to buy from you) if they can see your face on your gigs/profile and if your name seams human to them as well.

I suggest you to change your username to your first name.
Hope it helped.

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It looks computer generated and my gut instinct would be to move on and find someone else to work with.


I like it. It is short, and at least for me, it is memorable.

It looks like a username of “hacker”. Hehe. :smiley:

Not good to be honest. I refer a lot of other sellers on Fiverr. I don’t think I will have the time to remember your name correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do like clever l33t-speak, and it is fun, but it’s not particularly professional. Depending on your services, lexicon is a good name, you just need to have a better variation. (Also, changing your username is… tricky. Based on your Fiverr profile, though, I can see why you would want to start fresh. Just be sure to go about it the right way, with CS permission.)

I agree with everyone else here, your username does not seem all that professional. Like @english_voice noted, I too would probably seek to work with someone else – someone more relatable. As a brand developer myself, don’t go for techy-cool… always find (and develop) something that relates to the target customers you are trying to convince to hire you.

In addition, the fact that you have only one seller review, and it’s a 1-star “failed to deliver on time” review, is probably turning off a lot of potential buyers. You have a visually-terrible seller reputation (which can always improve, mind you), and a hard-to-relate-to username. The people you seek to have hire you, are probably choosing to hire one of your many competitors.

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Bad. I think your real name should work best.


seems good to me.

Besides looking a bit bot-ish, I think it would also be difficult for buyers to remember. If they search for you, there’s a higher chance they type it wrong.

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