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What do you think of my vedio

Hey there
I have just created a video for my gig using photoshop,after affects and premier pro
Tell me what you think
It took me 4 hours to do because I don’t use after affects
Thank you
GIG vedio

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Please help
My parents say it good but idk

Apparently one shouldn’t advertise on here… But you know…

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Cool though! I like it. Maybe you should advertise it as logo making AND animation.

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I did not mean to advertise I just wanted to show video as I cant send mp4 :smile:

Thanks a lot julianbrasse
I think mine looks a bit too simple and I feel I could do much better!
I really like your Idea of logo and animation but I fear it may increase the compition
Thanks a lot tough!

I hope you have a great time on fiverr