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What do you think of now seeing a buyers timezone / time of day?

If you’ve sent a message recently you will have seen this BRAND NEW feature where you can see the timezone etc in your inbox when messaging people.

Do you find it helpful?

What do you think could be better about it?

I’ve found a fault so added it here to bugs:

Let me know your thoughts.

Kind Regards,
Murray / Creativeman

  1. the local time only displays when the buyer is offline - it should display even if online!

  2. is the local time truly local? because some countries have multiple timezones, yet Fiverr displays the buyer country in general

  3. the message box got smaller, but it resizes automatically on longer messages - I think it should get at least 2 more extra lines, but I do understand the design decision…

  4. any way to include buyer’s current weather conditions? just kidding, but you know what I’m trying to say with this :wink:

It’s a shit new feature that adds no new functionality whatsoever that may have a blog post dedicated to it soon enough.

22.56 13/3/16 and dark. Possibly cloudly, can’t tell. Don’t f*cking care.

Don’t hold back so much. Tell us what you really think.
I would rather have the history search feature.

Great feature, I was waiting for this fore a long time.

Surely you don’t mean this incredibly useful feature that has been offline for a couple of months and gets mentioned to any Fiverr staff member on forum duty?


It is 23.33 here, just in case you were wondering. Well, a bit later than that because I’m going to go and find the image to paste in just above here so, hmm, maybe a 5m leeway? I know, it’s urgent and you need to know that it is slightly overcast as well as nearly midnight where I am. Luckily I’m not Cindarella and I don’t give a ****.

23.36. Damn I fast.

Really. You waited this long to know about the time zone details of strangers and their weather?

Yes, it is very good, isn’t it. Shame about that tornado.

“hey guys, now you can get up close and personal with your clients in helsinki and joke about the weather in our latest update”

“no fiverr, we want something useful to be fixed”


Are you guys seeing weather reports? I see a little sun or moon. And it says “away”.
I would prefer it be in a 12 hour mode instead of 24 hour.

Yes, because I hate checking those timezones via Google. And I love to know, that there is always sunny in California.

I’ve never thought about what time it was in the other person’s area but should I?


It’s midnight here and my inbox has a sun.

I can elaborate, of course.

ha, and I prefer the 24 hour format - ultimately depends on our native preferences :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be helpful after someone buys a gig to see that the seller does not answer immediately because it is a time when they are asleep. Maybe this is the reason.

I dont think its meant to be a weather update cos it always sunny in p̶h̶i̶l̶a̶d̶e̶l̶p̶h̶i̶a̶ Fiverr.
I think its just meant to be daytime/ evening/night time update. We should also be aware if there is a full moon in the buyers area, just in case.

Now it’s gone on my orders, has anyone else noticed that it has disappeared today?
Edit: it only shows when I start typing a message.

time this is my usa client’s time zone . I am in GMT +6 ,AND MY time here is 13:32 , so in usa(washington) it should be 2:32 AM , Its strange the location of client is showing is usa and GMT is +2,which is of middle east countries.Is it like the client moved to middle east,or someone from middle east registered as usa client?or its a bug from fiverr